Published April 7, 2011 by theimside

Enemies may be cast as friends
Vice versa; only time depends
Are we lost or have we been found?
The answers can’t simply be unwound

The poisons, the potions; we send to each other
They’re recipes shared from the same feelings for one another
Apathy never had a war fought in its name
Love and hate are one in the same

If nemeses shall lay under the covers
And crimes are committed between thy lovers
Can we say with certainty that what we’ve known
Is the absence of what we’ve shown?

If our hello was instead the final impression
How many friends would we still have then?
If only we said goodbye in that first instance
We’d surely know our resentful/hopeful chances

But time doesn’t matter to the bridge
Which connects us by that fragile hinge
Unlike our brain, our heart is no bot
We timelessly feel for others, love/hate, or not

Now we choke on our endless hunger
Of the concentric choices made when we’re younger
Forced to sleep in a bed we’ve made
Together, against the would/could, we should wade

ML 4-7-2011


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