Make the Moves

Published September 18, 2011 by theimside

I cant decide how you perceive me
What am I assumed to be?
Fine, go ahead, don’t ask
Dine in your revelry to be an ass

I cant explain enough to make you understand
I only reached out and hoped to feel your hand
But your familiar touch wasn’t there
So instead I looked every elsewhere

My remaining thoughts brought me to the end
Only near there I fought to mend
The denial myself I couldn’t see
That is not the real me

Take place and break face in my time line
The calendar seems a more accurate lifeline
You and you and you were wrong
You wouldn’t have said/did that if you knew me all along

It’s hopeless to ask you to make the moves
I’ve decided to eagerly change these grooves
All are too busy memorizing those words or that dance
I’ll make my steps/select my words before I lose the chance

It’s not easy to change the tempo
Or escape without worry to let go
Of all the things we’ve collected good or bad
This fleeting moment is the only/newest beat we’ve ever had

ML 9-18-2011


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