Life Energy

Published October 24, 2011 by theimside

Do I have a study to prove any of this to you? Unfortunately no. This information came to me in a series of dreams over the summer. And while it *was* new information to me, I felt I was remembering something I had long forgotten. It was like I always knew this.

I refuse to take on a guise to represent these ideas. Ideas and beliefs are the true currency in the Universe. Good is willing to die for it. Evil is willing to kill for it. Many people believe we can’t have good without evil. I generally agree with that process. However, to simply accept this as the way things are denies our own ability to fill in the shades and colors and blanks of an otherwise black-and-white Outer World. When we pull an abstract idea into reality, our expression of those ideas are filtered through our intent. It only creates dissonance if people can’t connect to a person who is a living form of that idea. Considering we’re hard-wired to connect to people, I freely accept and encourage any criticism and discussion, as long as it maintains the topic and progress of ideas. No matter how different they may be.

Your Great Dream comes from within your Inner World, and you express it through ideas and inspiration. It asks you a question: Who, what, where, when, why, how do I want to create?Many examples of this idea are expressed very purely in artistic form. This increased awareness can be likened to the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when the energy that gave Buffy her powers as the Chosen One was released and transferred into the world and was given to every Potential Slayer across the globe!

(Cue video game references.) This awareness can also be likened to The Legend of Zelda, where the Triforce was created by the Golden Goddesses to maintain the land, and it was sought for by everyone thinking it was a single physical thing that would grant their greatest wishes. And yet the Triforce protected its own existence from evil intent and imbalance by separating into tinier and tinier fragments, sometimes embodying the individuals of its world across times and dimensions, resulting in alternate realities.

In Super Mario Bros, Bowser tricks Mario time and time again, until the 8th world appears. Mario’s greatest fear is that the Princess is in another castle. Surely, at the end of each castle, Toad says:

“Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!”

Meanwhile, Bowser is telling Peach:

“Thank you Princess! But Mario is in another castle!”

Sorry Mario, but to Bowser, the Princess is not in another castle. YOU are! In Peach’s world, you certainly are in another time and place. And what happens after Mario finds the Princess in the 8th castle? The 2nd challenge begins and another eight worlds appear before Mario once again! And so, Mario finds himself passing through one castle after another, when the Princess was only ever in one. Is the Princess really in another castle?

As a player it is easy to see this structure, but from the perspectives of any one of the characters, they’re bound by their point of view. Perception and perspective and their relation to one another is a concept that will help us awaken to the truth of our own reality.

Someone told me over the summer, “Your greatest fear will only meet you half way.” It’s interesting how the things that interact – for better or for worse – indeed meet half-way. This is the idea of compromise. And compromise is a stepping stone toward peace. Its catalyst is intent.

Artistic expression explains the mysteries of the universe because true inspiration isn’t distilled by a method before it. Creating art is asking yourself an unformed question, resulting in a formed answer:Who, what, where, when, why, how do I want to create? Inspiration is the infinite question, its solution is formed and shaped time and again by the creator’s free-will. I imagine it was the first question ever asked in the Universe! “Who, what, where, when, why, how to create?” It is not the same thing to ask the formed question: What do I want to choose? Because asking this formed question assumes a preexisting reality.

Can a creation understand the inspiration from whence it came? A solution may not understand the question from whence it came, because it would compare itself to and expand upon all other solutions that resulted from the question to begin with. It does not understand the true nature or perspective of the question being asked. If a solution can understand its question, then it has become aware of its own nature; without an answer, the question wouldn’t exist.

Self-respect, self-creation, and self-awareness are ignored when respecting and attending to the things, people, and entities outside of us without knowing why. Essentially we depend on what others create for us, including the rules and limitations of those creations. We give the power of creation to others because we don’t favor the responsibility and cooperation that accompanies free-will. The consequence is a reality that is being created for us, instead of a reality being created by us.

There are some experiments and publications that show a correlation between thought energy (or intent) and physical matter. The book “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto is one example. You may have read some articles about this in magazines or newspapers.

Masaru Emoto’s website can be found below. One experiment shows how water freezes differently based on how it is spoken to or treated. Another experiment shows how rice changes based on how it is treated.

According to the law of free-will, and Einstein’s theory of relatively, would these experiments be less likely replicated by someone who doesn’t believe in it or doesn’t want it to be true? Would their beliefs and expectations define and influence the outcome, or the relativity of space-time? Let me admit that there are some people in the world who now believe the Sun revolves around the Earth. (Source: )

It isn’t that they STILL believe heliocentrism, it just IS a belief. It was a choice, inspiration, and both. Either way, it is an area of consciousness that believes this. If this belief assists in maintaining nature’s balance and personal freedom, and it isn’t killing creation or that which has already been created, it should coexist with other ideas and beliefs. Whether or not you believe in something says more about you than whether it exists or not. That being said, I will try to answer the real question at hand:What is life energy? I will try to explain my idea and understanding of life energy as best as I can.

PSR J1719-1438. A diamond planet orbits a millisecond pulsar.

Energy is both within and around everything: it is everything simultaneously, coincidentally, eventually, separately, and respectively. It is all. It can be measured by vibrations, or movement, it’s basically an ever-changing, overlapping, infinite sine wave. You might even call this energy God. You could separate it and label its parts the Gods and Goddesses. Life and energy exist within and outside of our perception – like sound, light, and color. The small, narrow frequency at which humans experience life is different than other life energies – from the smallest grain of sand to the largest whale. Everything we see with our naked eyes, hear with our ears, or can feel with our bare hands exists within our energy framework. However, if it harms us then it exists outside of our energy framework. Unfortunately, our individual perception of this framework boxes us in. We don’t see intelligent life all around us or in outer space, because life for us is boxed into our visible spectrum; our frequency and perception of it. If we’re unaware of this flow of energy, we can be controlled or disillusioned by it. Even worse, those with evil intent who are aware of this power can control the realities of others, who are blissfully unaware of such deception. It limits what we believe is possible. It undermines potential energy, which is really what scientists call dark matter!

It isn’t dark or matter. It is free-flowing energy from the big bang that enables thoughts to manifest into reality. In the vast expanses of space where gravity is absent or very minimal, there is potential energy and it is abundant. It is amongst this potential energy space where things are not restricted by time, logic, or the confines of chemical reactions. Literally, anything is possible! And these possibilities manifest themselves on frequencies beyond our framework. The most advanced human technology can’t detect these manifestations. But that’s a story for another time-space. 😉 I’ll share my ideas on quantum theory in a future note.

Humans assume everything is either lower or higher than themselves depending on these electromagnetic frequencies. (See: )

Animals are often seen as lower beings. Stars, on the other hand, are seen as higher beings. But that’s only an illusion – it’s an artificial understanding of things through separation and labeling. It doesn’t matter where anyone or anything is on the life energy spectrum, because despite its separation, it is all one. It is a continuum. It is a mosaic. Without one, there can not be many. Without many, there is no one.

That’s not to undermine the idea that separation exists. However, energy distribution is unbiased across this separation. When this transfer of energy is converted into physical things to represent its own meaning, it creates an artificial or biased flow of energy toward those ideas. A prime example of this is the love of money. It has caused an imbalance in environmental and social structures. The ONLY law in the Universe is intent, or free-will. The Universe actually favors chaos – or the infinite. Order and predictability is very rare in the Universe. It’s this order and predictability of our Solar System and the Earth in which we base our human experience. The ability to make a choice manifests into the things around us. Those manifestations are limited by our frequency range of influence and perception. But the energy itself is unlimited.

Are plants, animals, people, technology, and ideas being mindlessly created, destroyed, and consumed for greed and profit? Would this disruptive energy spread into the world by making itself to the consumer, which then co-creates a respective reality? The energy is the same as those who intended it; the intent would create a likewise society through greed and profit when people are disconnected from the natural energies of our world. Upon its consumption, we emit and accept those same energies as the ones who intended it. But in our case, it’s a bit more literal than that. Our reality is being consumed, not created. But we can change this. We’re unaware of the evils that exist in the world, not because the world is so huge. (Aren’t we all separated by six degrees?)

Pacman Convention by Andy Ostin.

Our reality is being consumed because we’d rather focus on serving our own satiation with a certain ignorance. We don’t mind it if it comes at the expense of others, because “we worked for it, we own it, we deserve it.” Is no appreciation necessary? There exists a deep disrespect for the ebb and flow of this natural energy, because we believe we possess and own this energy. It is not anyone’s to own. A corporation can do it because it has no conscience. The consumer may try to counter the greed by praying and feeling gracious before eating or buying something, but it will not get rid of the additional energies we’re unaware of while eating or buying it. The end result of such energy transfer is apathy on the small scale. Does it enable war on a larger scale under the veil of order and control? It would benefit us not to consume such negative energies. We instinctively know what energies these are. It seems we’re taught to believe and act against instinct. And not always for the better.

There is a choice to become more aware of this life energy and there is free-will to create a world with this life energy. By practicing vegetarianism, buying locally, avoiding credit cards, and generally avoiding things and practices that don’t resonate with your own feelings, and replacing them with all the things you do want!

Are the energies between plants and animals and humans different from one another? The feelings that animals and humans have during any energy transfer should not be discounted or taken lightly. It is a vastly different experience than what a plant might experience. A plant can survive after its harvest. Their life energy is naturally transferred upon its consumption or decay, not its harvest. Compare this to how the life energy of a mass market heard of cows istransferred facelessly upon death, long before consumption. And to assure its enduring process, corporations price these foods as more affordable than healthier food options.

Every transfer of energy should be accompanied with balance, respect, awareness, love, and gratitude. If something doesn’t resonate with you, avoid it. Otherwise, it may inhibit your own energy to make a free-will transfer into and across the infinite. In other words, you have the power, choice, and wisdom to assimilate yourself before you are assimilated by others. Look into your own being and discover your Inner World! Don’t be afraid to co-create your reality with the rest of the Awakening New World!

Is seeing believing?

Is that the choice?


Or is believing seeing?

Is that inspiration?

More thoughts to come soon…


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