The Great World Dreams ₪

Published October 24, 2011 by theimside

Be unafraid to share YOUR dreams. The past dreams of the selfish few have become today’s reality for many. Is the future set? What is freedom without consent? The world’s conditioning of the human mind would have you believe more in the power of money than the empowerment of choice. Under these beliefs, we are then left to spend and make money, time, and energy toward ideas through which others have already manifested, for better or for worse. We’ve only been tricked into thinking it’s what we wanted.

Reality is both what you want it to be and what you consent it to be. Having a dream and the freedom to pursue that dream implies we have a choice in how, where, and when to manifest it. We have a birth right, as equal spirits, to choose our destinies like the selfish few did before us. But it shall never be at the sacrifice of another soul. Share dreams that you’d be willing to sacrifice yourself for, but never sacrifice another person for it in any way. This is peace. Our freedom shall no longer dwindle to a multiple choice response, but shall spread unconditionally.

By virtue of the law of attraction: Share what you DO want and don’t share what you don’t want.

History doesn’t dictate the future. Intent dictates the future. And intent, at its very core, is an idea.

The war on terror is nothing more than an abstract idea endlessly fueled by the intent to cause fear and control. Ten years ago this idea was forced upon the world and we felt we had no choice but to accept it because we’re dependent on this fear. The war on terror is only a small part in programming many generations and populations.

What’s frustrating is when the idea of positive change for peace and equality arises, people can’t believe in it “because it’s abstract.” It’s no more abstract than a war on terror! People don’t believe in the power of positive change because it doesn’t make money and therefore doesn’t align with their reality. Many people aren’t willing to sacrifice their THINGS and MONEY for the idea of one’s identity. We’ve been stripped of the power of truth in ourselves over many generations! Anyone who wishes to manifest their dreams should inquire within yourself and bring forth your own truths. Align yourself NOT with what the world is, but with what you want the world to be. Surround yourself with people and ideas which reflect that vision.

The expression of our dreams have always existed and so has the suppression of it. See outside this oppression and stop making excuses for it. Don’t find reasons to accept a reality that isn’t truly yours. While there may exist many modes of control we can’t change, the only thing to do is to change ourselves. There IS energy in our thought processes. The ability to see change in the world is only limited by our ability to see change in ourselves.

Equality is an abstract idea, which is why so many people disagree about what it is and what it means. Equality is simultaneously possible and impossible, to choose one is an oversimplification of the human condition. On a physical, psychological, or intellectual level, equality is not possible. We have unequal skills, personalities, body types, experiences, languages, and personal difficulties. But that doesn’t mean someone is more or less important than someone else. Social equality is not possible under the current economic structure. Money creates an artificial sense of status among people who would otherwise get along, and it is this structure that is an illusion. It dictates our lives because we aren’t in a position to control the flow of money toward the ideas we wish to manifest.

While equality may not be possible across many aspects of humanity, we’re all equal spiritually. We’re part of the same energy that gave birth to the Universe and everything that has resulted from it. To deny this is a broad denial of our basic existence. Feel free to challenge the idea of how this energy transfers and flows all you want, but the energy is still there. And it is accessible by anyone and everyone, for better or for worse. For maintaining the status quo, or for making a personal change.

Change will happen when and how you want it. If the sacrifice is too great at this time to manifest your dream, at least manifest it here as an idea. Thoughts are made of the very same energy as those who intend it. Believe in it and it shall be so. Align yourself with what you really want. Please don’t shy away from this opportunity to share your dream. No reason can justify it. You weren’t the same person you were even a minute ago. Share your dream, immortalize your ideas, and let’s gather the thought energy to manifest THE GREAT DREAMS OF THE WORLD!

There is more than one dream. There is more than one possible reality. As there should be. This is a mosaic of all the dreams in the world! Because no single reality could possibly fit all the people in the world. Without one, there can not be many. Without many, there is no one.


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