If Adam and Eve were white and evolution doesn’t exist….

Published November 7, 2011 by theimside

This question refers to one of many many beliefs created to advance the control of people through separatism. This is the basic idea behind divide and conquer, but under the guise of truth and understanding. This is why labels are so dangerous… as they’re artificial understandings of what things actually are. Sure, it can be a basis for mutual understanding, but that is not what is happening on the large scale.

Are we all designed and capable of generating our own beliefs? Of course! But we’re very driven to be something that other people can more easily understand. We do things other people do, we say things other people say, and we believe things other people believe rather than becoming our authentic selves. In a true free-will universe, it is not necessary to be told what to believe. But it IS necessary to ask “What do I believe?” It’s what makes us human. To be told what things are is not consciousness. Then again, when have we practiced or encouraged the Socratic method? Is it necessary to describe a truth with a anything other than *that* truth? A truth may exist without a lie, but a lie cannot exist without a truth. And this carries over to any and all beliefs that have ever existed.

Remember, you were only GIVEN your name. If people call you “Maria,” “Brian,” or “Lady GaGa” that does not mean the truth is you are “Maria,” “Brian,” or “Lady GaGa.” You are you, and just because people call you “Lady GaGa,” does not mean it is true. Your name was chosen for you or by you. You were TOLD what your name is.You don’t REQUIRE a name to exist. I may know your name, but that doesn’t mean I know the true you. It’s all relative. And you WERE ‘born this way.’ 🙂


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