Money = $peech

Published November 22, 2011 by theimside

Money is not so much a currency as it is a form of speech… and when you have the 1% controlling 99% of the speech, we don’t have free speech. When the 99% aren’t aware that they’re being told how to conduct their speech – how to make and spend their money – they just repeat what’s been told or sold to them. Our individuality, our expression was SOLD to us, and like loyal customers we feel angry if we aren’t continually sold to. The unfortunate truth is if it doesn’t make money, the idea doesn’t exist. It’s laughed at or ignored (as if it’s a lie), violently opposed (as if it’s wrong), or it makes money (as if it’s a fact).

It’s so ingrained into our society that our ideas are shot down by the people we know personally before its even realized. And why not? Unless you get something back from someone’s expression, it’s deemed worthless. For example, people make fun of Justin Bieber out of jealousy, not sincerity. Because he’s young and making money doing what he wants… Don’t we all deserve an equal chance to achieve that kind of success? I think so. But in order for that to happen, we must define what success is for ourselves. We should not restrict ourselves to others’ measure of success.

Justin Bieber is making that much money because he’s making other people money. We don’t live in a culture where someone’s success is unconditional. People feel anger, jealousy, and rejection when they see or hear about a success – and selfishness arises. We wish we could define it ourselves and have it too. We compare ourselves to each other and most often, we feel unsuccessful in that comparison, which only confirms our original doubts or thoughts. The problem is these comparisons are unending, and only measured in profit or income.

People rarely ask questions to genuinely learn more about someone or something, because they don’t see the intrinsic value in it. This thinking carries over into the “free” market. People rarely buy something they genuinely need. People rarely produce things that are genuinely needed. They get it or make it because they were told to – the dollar told them to do it. No celebrity rose to fame by themselves, no company became successful without a large sum and a following, and no product or service sells unless conditions are created to ensure that it sells.

(When a company produces a solution, their advertising must create a problem so their solution sells. Imagine how this thinking might influence the health companies!)

When someone has a great idea with potential to become successful, the people who are *already* successful will either help that person along for a cost, and then convince others to buy into it – or – if it impedes on established success, they’ll make sure of it’s failure through media, by influencing these potential ideas to be viewed as unsuccessful by comparison. What do you think advertising IS? The lovers will become shareholders, employers, supporters, followers, fans, and most importantly customers just to feel like they’re a part of the success. The haters will continue to criticize, laugh at, or ignore what the lovers love so the successful people can more easily keep their success limited. While the lovers and haters are busy arguing about what they love/hate, the truly successful people walk away with the money and knowledge about HOW they became successful.

This pattern pervades ALL of our society – from banking ($), to Facebook (LIKES), to passing laws (conditional freedom), to politics (conditional beliefs). And over time, this pattern creates the situation we see today: the 1% controlling the 99%, without the 99% even knowing it because they’ve been convinced to feel in control and told how to be successful. And before you tell me you’re in control and are successful, your personal information has been turned into a commodity and sold without you knowing or consenting to it. Why aren’t YOU seeing any of this success? This pattern will continue to manifest itself in unique and surprising ways until we start recognizing it to stop it.

This is the free marketplace of ideas… A realm with much more freedom than any system that relies on money to manifest something.


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