Dear Atheists…

Published November 28, 2011 by theimside

Dear Atheists, if I were to ask you what your origin of beliefs were, would you be able to answer it without making any references to religion, or God, or the people who believe in the spirit? What would be your response? You must believe atheism because you deem it as truth, but why must you reference  something you deem as false to explain your truth?

I’ve never met an atheist that could explain to me their belief without mentioning the things they don’t believe in – God, the spirit, or religion. It’s rather silly to reference a non-truth in order to explain your truth, because the truth only needs to reference itself. On the other hand, I’ve met plenty of religious and spiritual people who don’t need to reference a lack of God in order to explain their belief. A truth can exist without a lie, but a lie cannot exist without a truth. What this means to me is that spirituality can exist as a truth without its opposite, but atheists require the spiritual truth to exist and to give form to their thoughts before they can even begin describing their beliefs.

Before you get upset that I’m forcing people to think a certain way, let me explain that I’m encouraging people to think differently, not certainly. THINK FOR YOURSELF. I promote FREEDOM OF THE MIND. This is worth standing up for, and I strongly dislike anything that limits what we’re capable of, including but not limited to cute graphs that segment and simplifies our complex existence such as this:


By having a belief that God doesn’t exist is to choose one relative truth because of the other. If labels didn’t exist, the only truth left would be truth of self. I believe God exists and does not exist, because we live in a relative Universe built by consciousness. The Universe will grant what you wish to be true. And if you want to live in a Universe where there is no afterlife, then that is your free will. I am unsure what would happen upon death to an atheist, but it will be in their favor, whatever they define that to be, because of the process of Universal Free-Will. I’m certain once one realizes this greater truth at the end of the human experience, they will change their mind and continue co-creating an existence beyond our wildest imaginations!

Whether this point is logical or not means it is within or outside YOUR own understanding, not that it lies inside or outside of the truth. People who don’t understand certain ideas like to create labels, words, descriptions, and reasons that allow them to simplify and limit the complexity of their world.

I understand the limitations of words and labels. I wish I could communicate with you telepathically and give you my life’s experiences. An atheist friend of mine once told me I couldn’t  make any of these claims without something to back it up. When in fact, I did make a claim without someTHING to back it up. It is however, backed up by someONE – a person – myself, my own feelings, experiences, intuition, the very things I’m made of – not science. I would die for my beliefs because I deem them true. Even so, my claims can’t possibly be taken seriously by an atheist because of how differently we measure validity. If you need THINGS to prove something true, I hope you see how this boxes you into another’s understanding of the world, and not your own.

Of course, it is up to each of us to decide what is true. Words ARE labels that constrict our emotions and thoughts. I’m not asking you to believe what I believe. I’m not asking anyone to accept what I say as their truth. But I do wish for people to really consider everything they know and when communicating with others to take their knowledge as a possibility, take it with a grain of salt even, because for them it may be true – even if it isn’t the whole truth. I know if enough people believe in something – even a lie – it BECOMES truth.

There’s no need to segment life into these little quadrants of “truth” that can’t possibly interact. You don’t like it when it’s done to you, so why extend this attitude when perceiving the rest of the world and the people in it? NOTHING is set in stone. EVERYTHING is relative. Things are always changing. But that kind of a world or universe doesn’t make people feel comfortable and safe. To be a mindless ANYTHING because its opposite exists is the same as being a mindless ANYTHING on the other end of the spectrum – they’re the same person really.

I’m not against religion, I’m not against atheism. I’m against the idea of followers. People who say they believe in something because it’s the best option available, because it’s an alternative, or because that’s all they’ve been exposed to… I’m against the idea of leaders. People who wish to be followed because they think they know better. Perhaps certain situations call for leader/follower duality, but everyday life is not that situation.

In search of my own truth, I enjoy debate. I enjoy hearing  people’s perspectives, even atheists and religious extremists – as frustrating as that can be – because we can learn a lot from one another. Even if what we learn is as simple as, “I don’t agree.” However, people in our society are addicted to agreements. They don’t like conflict, because alternative ideas makes them question themselves. I find it incredibly annoying when all people want to do is surround themselves with like-minded individuals who are ostracized for speaking out, even if it’s genuine. I’ve had good friends of mine drop me as a friend just to avoid conflict, to avoid hearing my reasons for a disagreement. If this is happening on a small scale in my life, I can only imagine how this extends to the world view. It’s almost as if the human condition can be described with the example below:

A group of people are standing in a field. An individual spots a lion and speaks up, “I see a lion!” But the others don’t see a lion and they deny the individual’s observation. And so the group begins to argue about whether or not there’s a lion, and instead of fleeing to safety, they become dinner.

Instead of listening to the individual’s opinion, they’d rather agree first and make sure the person is telling the truth before fleeing to safety and discussing  their differences later. Of course, we all know what happens to the person who cries “WOLF!” – or in this case “LION!” – too often when there is no threat. Even so, the survival of our collective human experience benefits from the differing points of view of its individuals, even if you disagree in the moment. That lion, of course, is a metaphor for any number of things: a belief, an idea, a disagreement, an argument, a conflict, etc.

Even though I disagree with atheism and I have my own opinions about it, I watched this video of Greta Christina at a Skepticon event which explains “This is Why Atheists Are Angry.” I watched all 48 minutes. Not ONE of the issues Greta points out  is exclusive to atheists. I’m not an atheist and I agree with most of what she says here. I get it. It makes me angry too. Her points are valid, clear, and well presented. I’d even agree with her point that religion is unique in that it has no reality-check and this increases its capacity to do harm.

To my understanding, Greta isn’t only talking about why atheists are angry. What she’s really talking about is the psychology behind the formation of beliefs and the injustices they inspire. She is angry that religion has been used to cause a never-ending hate and fear-fueled crusade against anyone who thinks otherwise. I’ll be the first to admit that more harm has been done in the name of religion or spiritual beliefs than in the name of atheism. This much I  know, and in this respect, atheists have a point! But that doesn’t remove my  opinion that many people are choosing atheism – as they are choosing from any number of beliefs or lifestyles – as an alternative to looking within themselves and allowing their true self to emerge.

Across this world, great crimes have been committed by those who force their ways onto others. Certain people in power are using their beliefs – their relative truths – to justify it all. Only to take control and take advantage of people. Choosing to believe or not to believe is not wrong. Forcing a belief onto another person, no matter who that person is or what your beliefs are, is a far greater crime against Universal Free-Will.

This is why,  in my search for truth, that it is my opinion mass-religion and their extremists have done a disservice to our planet. It has created a group of people that choose not to believe in anything spiritual, because they aren’t truly free. They aren’t allowed to be themselves, to believe and do what they want to believe. And when you restrict free-will from people, you get movements like atheism. Atheism is a movement that has grown from the ashes of injustices done in the name of religion. People have been chastised, tortured, exiled, and executed in the name of mass-beliefs against those who don’t think, feel, speak, see, or act the same way as they do. It is no wonder people would rather ignore the spiritual divine, when the crimes are more evident than the divine itself. Atheists give up and refuse their spiritual divine free-will, on behalf of speaking out for ALL who have been mistreated in the name of religion. This says a lot about them, and so I don’t believe atheists are the enemy.

It is a sad fact that we may never know the true nature of our collective free-will experience, because society’s leaders have kept us all from true enlightenment. It’s the tactic of divide and conquer at its finest. And while atheists may feel they have no role in any of it, I think they’re playing their part exactly how the religious extremists want them to. Unfortunately, I don’t think atheists know what they’re dealing with by denying their own spirit. But I’d defend your right to express yourself, irregardless.

For the readers who are lost and don’t know what to believe, I hope you will find comfort outside of the label game. You are you regardless of what you believe. And there is no “word” or “label” or “group” that can define you or your beliefs. If you believe you are you, that is a starting point to finding your truth. Ignore the search for proof of truth. There is no greater proof of truth than YOU.

Creation is freedom. Choice is an illusion of freedom. Which came first? Creation or choice? Freedom or slavery? Even without factoring in the marvel that is consciousness, I think the answer is obvious.


4 comments on “Dear Atheists…

  • “if I were to ask you what your origin of beliefs were, would you be able to answer it without making any references to religion, or God, or the people who believe in the spirit?”


    I believe in freedom, democracy, skepticism, critical thinking, scientific advancement and the scientific method. And things like truth, beauty, art and love.

    • Thank you for reading and for your response! Does believing in freedom, democracy, skepticism, critical thinking, scientific advancement, the scientific method, truth, beauty, art, and love make one an atheist? Because I’m not an atheist, and I believe in those things too! 😀

      However, I do believe the predictions and expectations of experimenters will influence and change the outcome of any scientific method or advancement based on the theory of relativity and the law (or process) of attraction. This is also known as experimenter’s bias.

      • “Does believing in freedom, democracy, skepticism, critical thinking, scientific advancement, the scientific method, truth, beauty, art, and love make one an atheist?”


        But ‘atheist’ doesn’t tell you what I believe. It only tells you one thing I don’t believe. I’m an atheist, but I’m not JUST an atheist. And while calling myself an atheist can imply a bit about the things I do believe, it really says nothing about what I believe. There probably isn’t a good single word that describes all the things I believe. The closest term might be ‘Secular Humanist’, but maybe not.

        “However, I do believe the predictions and expectations of experimenters…”

        This may be partially true in individual cases. But nothing we consider ‘scientifically known’ is based off of a single experiment or a single study. And why every scientific field is full of researchers and scientists doing everything they can to prove all or part of that field incorrect. Which the original researchers support and want to happen.

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