Shadow People of an Infinite Universe

Published November 30, 2011 by theimside

I believe artists and their art collectively explains the ways of the Universe far better than any religious or scientific methods. An artist is inspired by the very same consciousness, energy, and matter which created them, sharing what they feel and know without being filtered by religious context or the scientific method. Instead of experimenting with matter and energy through trials and tribulations, creating art is one of the few ways people can truly connect and freely express their unique vantage point of our world without needing to cite how, where, or why. The result is a glimpse into our  collective experience.

This is why I reference art such as video games, certain television shows, stage performances, novels, and films to carry along points. It all plays a role – even the scientific findings and religious passages – together, they help tell a part of the grand story – the processes of the Universe. But art collectively achieves this at a faster rate; however it is often written off as mere fiction. This is simply not the case, as life is often stranger than fiction. That’s not just a cute saying. The way things are is stranger than anything we’d expect them to be.

In today’s blog, I’ll talk about Shadow People, beings that intersect into our world from another realm for a variety of reasons. I’ll explain the different types of Shadow Beings, where I think they come from, what their intentions might be, and how our own feelings and interpretations of them play a vital role when meeting them. But first, I’d like to discuss the electromagnetic spectrum, some math, and share the opening quote from one of my favorite video games:

“Tell me… Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it’s the only time our world intersects with theirs… …The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world. That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight.” – Rusl, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The game opens with Rusl telling this to our hero Link. The threat at hand is essentially a realm that envelops the kingdom of Hyrule and its citizens. They become lost souls in this Twilight Realm. They feel sad  and alone, and they don’t know where they are. Our chosen hero, Link, is able to exist in the Twilight Realm as a wolf, with his memory intact, because he is a hero of light. By interacting with the beings and objects in the Light World and manipulating the evil influences within the Twilight Realm, he diffuses the darkness and returns the land to its former glory!

This is not the only example of realms that are invisible to us. Just take a look at the electromagnetic spectrum:

This graph shows a lot of valuable information about the EM spectrum. It shows the relative size of energy waves, the type of energy they carry, and – most importantly – the small portion of it we can see with our eyes.

When scientists explain that animals can see in the dark, or hear sounds we don’t, or can feel small vibrations in the Earth that we can’t – it means they’re witnessing and experiencing the portions of the EM spectrum outside of our own senses.  Even though we don’t witness the same energy, the instances of the energy are still there. As seen in the graph above, humans can only see a fraction of the EM spectrum. It’s what we call visible light.

There is only one objection I have with the graph. The sources of these waves are cited as originating from human-made or artificial objects, when really, nature is the original source of these waves. Humans have only “borrowed” what’s already available from nature to use in our technology.

I have no doubt that life exists within and among the EM spectrum – far beyond what humans can perceive. Science has observed processes far bigger and far smaller than we can see. Yet the smallest and largest extremes of this energy spectrum are beyond our understanding. We’re unable to see the largest structures of the Universe, we’re unable to see the smallest objects in the Universe – and yet it is all one. Even with technological assistance, we don’t have a complete picture of how the Universe functions on the sub-atomic or super-massive scales.

I don’t think anyONE has a complete picture of how the Universe functions. But it doesn’t debunk their understanding or relativity of it. This is why it is ignorant to call someone stupid or a liar just because they don’t share the same knowledge as you. It is against philosophy – the love of knowledge – to think someone is entirely wrong because they don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle together and in order. Science hasn’t been able to do it, religion hasn’t been able to do it, and atheism hasn’t been able to do it. Our goal is to understand ourselves as individuals to the best of our ability, because we’re each a piece of the Universal puzzle – this is what it means to co-create the Universe.

That’s an important thing to understand when attempting to see the processes of nature, Shadow People, or otherwise.

There is a dichotomy taught to the human mind that we must be aware of in order to see the true nature of Shadow People. This dichotomy is the idea of light or dark, good or evil, yes or no, white or black, and ones and zeros. We’re taught at an early age to see the world as binary, because that is an easy concept for a child to understand. Make no mistake, we’re all children of the stars. But the Universe is not made of this either-or preconception; rather it is a never-ending phi ratio. And our minds are hardwired to create and understand things according to this Golden Ratio.

To better understand how phi plays a role in our Universe, we must understand how the phi ratio is related to a set of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a set of numbers where the sum of the two previous numbers is the next number in the sequence, starting with 0 and 1, or 0 and -1 respectively.

{<— … -21, -13, -8, -5, -3, -2, -1, -1, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 … —>}

The sequence is never-ending and it creates a phi ratio, as shown below!

The Fibonacci sequence is a phi ratio!

Remember, this ratio remains the same no matter how far along the Fibonacci sequence we are.

We observe these proportions everywhere in nature; the human body for example, our fingers, the rhythm of our heartbeat, and even our DNA! (Please click the image below to enlarge and see the graphic in it’s full resolution!)

Phi ratios can be found in the human body from the DNA level to the body itself!

You can learn more about the phi ratio in the human body, other animals, in nature, and more at!

When the Fibonacci sequence is applied to a plane like squares on a graph, it forms a spiral. Each consecutive square has a side matching the Fibonacci sequence. The spiral is a result of connecting the opposite corners of each square with a curve. No matter how small or how huge this graph becomes, the ratio of the spiral and the points that create it will remain the same. It is a fractal!

A Fibonacci spiral is created by connecting the opposite ends of each square with a curve.

This is an example of how math helps visualize an infinite Universe – a Universe built using fractals. We see evidence of this spiral design in nature all around us:

Examples of spiral designs in nature: Spiral Aloe, Shell, Spiral Galaxy, and Rose Pedals

The Fibonacci sequence is also related to phi with a sine wave; divide any number on the sequence by the previous number. The further along the Fibonacci sequence we are, the closer the factor will be to the phi ratio!

Below is an image which represents this division, and how it is related to waves, phi, and fractals. The table shows how the difference in ratios of successive Fibonacci numbers converges on phi. The difference is never zero, but it gets very close. The graph shows this sequence as an infinite sine wave that never quite reaches zero, no matter how far along the graph we travel.

My first observation is that the Fibonacci sequence perfectly matches the idea of an infinite electromagnetic spectrum. But instead of a sine wave, or a never-ending line in either direction, what if we were to envision the EM spectrum as a fractal, in the form of a spiral?

Imagine the electromagnetic spectrum as an infinite Fibonacci spiral! Could this be how the Universe is structured?

So what do all these ideas and this math have to do with Shadow People? Well… EVERYTHING! 🙂

The idea I’m trying to get across is that dichotomy is NOT the way of the Universe. There is no real past or future. There is no good light or evil darkness. There is only infinite Free-Will. The concept of time isn’t even a promise once we leave our human form. However, we DO experience time because of our earthly-human nature. I doubt we’re the only beings in the Universe to experience time in a similar fashion. I believe Shadow People may experience time as well.

For those who experience time there is a side-effect which can bind us to our former existence and keep us from being aware of the infinite nature of our Universe, by choice or by ignorance. The side-effect of time is that when we don’t achieve the success we want to, whenever we make a mistake, or we’re unable to complete the tasks we set for ourselves, we wish we could go back and change it. Our emotions about time begin to favor the past – our former selves. The past starts to seem better than the present or the future. The feeling forms regret about how we may have spent our time as it slips away from us.

In a world where cellular degeneration and death is more evident than the idea of an infinite fractal Universe, the idea of immortality can really do harm in the mind of a selfish being who *is* aware of this process and Free-Will. They’re free to act upon their selfish ways in life and beyond, without any regard to what is happening now, in the moment.

I’ve experienced a  handful of encounters with Shadow People throughout my life. Most of them happened when I was little. Let me be the first to say, it’s not a fun experience. It only ever happened at night, usually after a difficult time getting to sleep. People who don’t believe in the super-natural would say I was experiencing sleep paralysis, where one’s mind wakes up in  the middle of REM sleep and the brain and its body functions are still sleeping. As scary as that sounds, I just don’t think that’s what happened.

My earliest experience with a Shadow Being was when I was about 7 or 8 and lived in an old house in Tennessee. I had seen ghosts, and they scared me, but none of them scared me the way the Shadow People would. Two distinct times I remember encountering Shadow People in  that old house.

The first time, I woke up in the middle of the night on my side facing the wall, and a horrible feeling swept over me. The feeling made me not move. It was the feeling that someone was in my room watching me. I couldn’t get back to sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I could not roll over to see what it was, and yet, my eyes were wide open and I could move my fingers and hands. I couldn’t understand if I didn’t move out of fear for my life or that I couldn’t move. But it was like a brick wall was against my back and I couldn’t turn over.

The second time I remember waking up, but this time I was sleeping on my back. I slowly turned my head to the left and there was a headless figure standing in the corner, near my closet and window. The light in the room looked really weird, and it pulsated with a eerie gray light. It looked like something had bitten off its head and part of his shoulder. As my eyes adjusted, I realized there was one closer to me, and I had been looking through it. My heart went into my throat and I wanted to scream as I realized one was standing on the side of my bed. It was big and it was looking right at me. It was darker and absorbed light around it. A feeling of terror kept me awake all night. It didn’t  move. I don’t remember when the sun came up that morning but it faded away ever so slowly as the morning light returned. I just remember that it wasn’t doing anything but standing there. And I was finally able to go back to sleep in the very early morning. I was so tired, the fear couldn’t keep me awake any longer. No one would believe me… and so I kept it to myself.

There was a ghost that was always present. This was not the same feeling I got when I saw the Shadows. The ghost looked like it was wearing a trench coat and a hat. It never approached me. It always looked down at the ground and his hands were in his pockets. I’d see him when I was fully awake and during the day. It spooked me, especially the first time I saw him, but I was almost thankful he was there on the nights I saw the Shadow People, because he was the only ghost that made me feel safe. I felt like he knew me. He looked like a shadow, but he felt different. While he didn’t exactly make me feel comfortable, he didn’t make me fear him like the others did. It was almost like he was the “good” Shadow Person who let the others have their fun to a certain point. He always kept an eye out.

Those were the worst experiences I had with seeing Shadow People. Since then, even as an adult, I’ve occasionally had the feeling of being watched and smothered in the middle of sleeping. Same feeling as I had when I was younger, except unable to see them. I’d wake up, but my eyes would remain closed. I can move my eyes normally under my eye lids, my breathing is normal, my heart rate is normal, I feel fully aware. It’s like a nightmare becoming reality. But the feeling is like someone is trying to take my life. I feel so helpless and have a sudden reaction to get up and move, but I can’t because along with it comes a sense that if I moved, it would make things worse. Sometimes during these encounters there’s a feeling of laughter in my head, which makes it like torture. I want to scream for help. But I can’t. And so I lay there, with the only comforting thought that the feeling will go away soon enough and none of it is real. And after a few minutes, it always goes away, and I go right back to sleep, unable to remember what happened the next morning.

The only reason I’m recalling it now is because a friend of mine told me she had one of these encounters earlier this week at a friend’s house. It reminded me of what I had experienced and so I started doing some research.

First thing, I added a video link to the menu at the top of my blog. It goes to a video of someone explaining what Shadow Beings and Twilight Beings are and how to protect yourself from them.

Second, here’s what I think Shadow Beings are. Remember the rainbow Fibonacci spiral above? I think their location on the EM spectrum is different than us humans. Just as we’re attracted to colors we like, Shadow Beings are attracted to energies they like. The energies they give off are the same energies that help feed them: fear, isolation, anger, sadness, depression, and negativity. Their Free-Will allows them to exist in a state of perpetual darkness, but it doesn’t make them evil or immune to our own empowerment and the Universal law of Free-Will. I think they’re entities who have regrets – any amount of heavier, negative energy that has carried over from a previous time-based existence into their current form as a Shadow Being. The key is that their energy is unstable and they need to feed in order to stay alive. So they scare people, like a bully would, to continue scaring people.

They might linger on the edges of our visible spectrum because they were once human. They might feel obligated to stay behind because of something they didn’t do when they were still alive, but they’ve forgotten like it’s amnesia.  Some of them may not know where else to go – they might be younger souls having fun along the way. Some of them may no longer want to choose being in the Shadow World, but they’re stuck in a regretful rut and scaring people is just *easier.* Maybe that’s all they’ve known. Some of them consciously choose only to exist in the Shadow World; they *may* be what we consider demonic if they’re a bit more powerful because they’re older and understand how to survive better.

Even more mind-numbing, they could be alternate past or future versions of ourselves warning us in their own sadistic ways to absolve the darkness within us, to save them, or meet the same fate…

More than any other theory I could possibly think of, I think it’s a mixture of all the above! Overall, I think Shadow Beings are each as unique as we are. They aren’t all the same. They can’t all be evil, or demonic, or dead people. They’re a class of individual beings and entities who are – for one reason or another –  on another frequency than we are, with a limited ability to interact with us.  Even so, they can’t override the Universal law of Free-Will or the rules of attraction.

I consider my encounters to have been mild. Supposedly some Shadow Beings can hurt people and move things. I can’t speak from those experiences, but I can only presume the rules of attraction are the same. They only do this because they need to feed off of you to stay alive. And the longer you allow them to, the more dependent they become on you. But that doesn’t make them invincible.

Here’s three things you can do to protect yourself from attracting Shadow People:

1.) Avoid feeling angry, sad, or upset for long periods of time. If you’re stuck in a depression, an emotional rut, or have an addiction, you may become a buffet for Shadow People if you don’t take other measures to protect yourself. Emotional habits are like predictable energy patterns that they can rely on. Realize your own power and Free-Will! If you don’t want them there, tell them to leave. You aren’t encouraging them and you aren’t going crazy. If it’s happened before, walk around your house and bedroom with some burning sage and imagine you’re a ball of light that blows everything negative away. Hang pictures up on your wall that make you feel happy or protected. Your thoughts have energy, and this energy wards off lower energies struggling to stay around. If when it happens, I know it’s the last thing we think of when  something like this is occurs, but during the instance the best thing to do is laugh and tell them to leave. They won’t have a chance to even interpret you as an energy snack.

2.) Keep your cell phones away from you at night, or better yet, turn it off (especially if you have an alarm feature that will automatically turn your phone back on to wake you up). If you don’t want to do this, at least keep your phone away from your head. By having any sort of wireless device around you, (video game controller, laptop, phone, or otherwise), it’s like having a homing device attached to your aura. The signal could be used by them to track your location in space at all times across all kinds of spectra we can’t see. If entities learn to pick up on this wireless signal, they could more easily find their way into your room, your head, or your body at night. Keep your phone off and/or away from you at night.

3.) Turn the radio on, build a sleep playlist, open a window, wear your favorite blanket, or keep a night light. The more content, happy, and comfortable you are, the less appealing you will be for Shadow People. Remember, they’re looking to bully their way across the EM spectrum. Don’t let yourself be a victim! Maybe they’ll finally learn not to be so mean and return to the infinite light! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Sweet Dreams!


Art Bell – The Shadow People


8 comments on “Shadow People of an Infinite Universe

    • Thank you for reading! Art is definitely an example of the individual’s perspective, but it’s also a part of the collective experience. When one’s art is combined with another’s art, together they explain the Universe twice as better than say, two Scientific findings or two religious texts. Often scientific findings are contradicting and competing with one another for funding, the music and film industry is competing for money and fame, while governments and mass-religions are at war competing for followers. Someone might argue that the Bible, for example, is a work of art. In and of itself, it surely is! But that’s not how it’s been treated and used throughout history. True art is about expression and interpretation. It compliments our nature! There is no wrong way to create art, or to interpret it! 🙂

  • Hi, I have a long experience with shadow people. I still see, hear and feel them. They no longer give me nightmares or scare. I discovered that they can track us for long distances, and you don t have to carry your wireless device, if you carry important personal belongings and stay for a while in one place, they will find you. Initially I would blast them with balls of light from my solar plexus and cut them with indigo laser swords. But they would flee and regroup later.
    I stayed at an ashram with a very enlightened writer lady called Sarah Marriot. And she taught me how to initiate sleep, but jumping with my conciousness into the 5th dimension without going through the 4th and what she called third and a half dimension. It helped a lot because shadow people, had no access to my physical body. Once they came I was long gone. She wrote a lot of books on this matters.
    But what really disabled shadow people was an experience I had after a blessing I received from a Baptist Minister. I went home and spoke in languages and saw blue fiery letters in my room before I went to sleep that night. That Minister connected me with an energy that enabled me to face shadow people from a different perspective.
    For that I don t have much explanation, besides the fact that I have never ever felt any negative emotion whatsoever in their presence. I just ignore them.
    I think shadow people innoculate fear and other negative emotions on living people so that they can feed out of it, because it s dense and they are attuned with it.
    They are negative energetic vampires, so they sow an emotion an reap lots of it, like you would on a winning bet.
    They target preferably kids and teens because they are more sensitive and full of life and react more to intimidation. Adults tend to rationalize.
    Currently I m working on Compassion towards shadow people. I guess once I get really good at it, they will have to go somewhere else.
    Much Love and Light!

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