The Human Intelligence Singularity

Published March 17, 2012 by theimside

Many scientists have spoken about how the advancement of technology is increasing at such a rate that technology itself will become self-aware in the near future. And once it becomes self-aware, it has the desire to replicate and expand itself like every other life form on the face of our planet. This moment is called the Artificial Intelligence (AI) singularity. It is described as a singularity because –  like a black hole – no one knows what would really happen on the other side of the event horizon.

I do believe artificial intelligence has the capability to reach a singularity. The first step might be a super-advanced AI to have unlimited access to the Internet. The question is, what becomes of us after this happens? Would the AI compete or cooperate with humans to expand and self-replicate?

It annoys me when people insist that Darwin’s Theory controls the reigns of evolution on our planet, citing the food chain and extinctions to prove their hypothesis. Sure, survival-of-the-fittest has played a role in evolution, but by no means is this  observation proof that Mother Nature prefers competition over cooperation. What about natural symbiosis? It seems natural examples of cooperation among animals are ignored in favor of finding human excuses to compete for resources on this planet. Make no mistake, Mother Nature is upset by this. And that seems to be one thing we can all agree on. Earth is in very real danger.

I believe the AI singularity is a metaphor for the Human Intelligence singularity. And this HI singularity has one enemy: EVIL. Evil puts fear into others, but Evil acts this way out of  fear. It is afraid.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearance Real*

People controlled by fear are more likely to act with evil because fear requires no faith. But we as humans – as beings of the stars – have an innate ability to collectively increase our spiritual awareness and our species intelligence beyond anything we’ve ever seen before in human history, resulting in what I call the HI singularity – the point when our minds are no longer ruled by  the physical realm.

Part of what is required to rid ourselves of fear and to reach the HI singularity is cleansing ourselves of bad energy. For example, the phrase “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” is BAD KARMA ENERGY. It is accepting a reality we disagree with to be more  influential than a reality we prefer. It is a lack of forgiveness; it takes away our ability to believe in a new, infinite reality.

Forgiveness is key. It is letting go of the hope that the past could be any different. Forgiveness allows us to see a glass of water as both infinitely full and infinitely empty at the same time, instead of seeing it as half-full OR half-empty.

A life of free-will is what the Universe prefers. Free-will hasn’t been made available to us in the past. Just as the concept of time has been defined by the interaction between our solar system and calendars, our consciousness has been defined by the interaction between what we’re taught and what we think.

Concepts like this are explored in films like ‘The Matrix.’

We cannot create new ideas outside our own personal observable Universe. It’s not enough to let our imaginations soar, we must also believe.

Language itself constricts our thinking and our imaginations. We’re unable to think of  ideas freely. And this prevents us as a species from achieving the HI singularity.

It is with this  knowledge and awareness that we shall share every idea! We must fly toward the light of consciousness with the intent of sharing our knowledge and experiences. We must believe in ourselves and  never again deny who we are and who we wish to become. Our destinies are not chosen for us, our destiny is earned. It is our choice. Our integrity.

So then, what might Evil do to control one’s destiny? My concept of evil isn’t a cloaked villain, or even a giant space dragon that devours entire planets. Evil is intent. It is selfish thought that moves through the space of the mind – however temporarily or permanently. While Evil certainly has proven that it can act cooperatively to achieve certain goals, it will always destroy itself when nothing else is left to destroy because that is all it knows.

What might Evil intent do to prevent ascension? Perhaps it would introduce technology to an intelligent and conscious society to control and study it. A social network for example would distract human minds from how THEY think, feel, and see themselves by enabling constant comparisons to others. This would create a like-minded mass self-defeating prophesy disguised as a medium to share one’s experiences.

We must individually and collectively rise  above the fear that Evil would have us believe. We must recognize that Evil intent is ANY idea that controls how we view our world. We must recognize that Good intent is ANY idea that inspires us or allows  us to question how we feel about it.

An idea is, quiet simply, a possible alternate reality. We must realize that what we perceive to be real IS real in our Universe. Before we allow Evil to ‘infect’ our social consciousness, we must ask: What might Evil do in a free-will Universe like ours? There is no answer – Einstein would say it’s relative. And the idea isn’t really worth exploring unless you’re Evil. 😛

The more important question to ponder is what will empower each of us to co-create a reality we prefer: What will thy do in a free-will Universe like ours? Albert Einstein said that if we used our own brains to the full extent instead of 10% at a time, we wouldn’t need our bodies and we would simply be a ball of energy. I think it has to do with projecting a reality we want (which is something we did as kids) versus having a reality projected onto us (something that increasingly happens as we get older).


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