God Doesn’t Hate Fags. People Do.

Published May 3, 2012 by theimside

How do I know this?

I don’t know. I feel. God doesn’t hate anything. God accepts everything that has been created. And it is people who interpret things as bad and good. Is there absolute bad and absolute good? Yes. But VERY FEW things fall under those categories. God doesn’t fall into either of these categories; God isn’t limited by them either. God sees beyond what we describe as good and evil or love and hate, God understands the role these human perceptions have in this world. But there is no place for them in life after death. If God doesn’t hate anything, and if we assume love and hate are the same emotion expressed differently, then I assume God also doesn’t love anything either. At least not the same way we humans “love” things or people. Most of the time… that is a conditional emotion. Humans are quick to change their loving feelings for someone else once the other person doesn’t return love. People even sometimes change their feelings of hate if the circumstances are right. Human love is a bunch of chemicals making us feel a certain way when certain conditions are met. I believe God or The Universe has always and will always accept what is, as it is. It is the cosmological constant. And in that acceptance, there IS love. For God, love is not an emotion. It is the continual act of creating the Universe and the acceptance of how it’s unfolding; that is GOD’S LOVE.


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