Space Is A Giant Embryo, Dividing Into All Forms of Life

Published December 3, 2012 by theimside

This image of the sky illustrates something I’ve been trying to put into words since last year.

Photo By Cristian Vasile

Photo By Cristian Vasile

The sky looks like an embryo!!!

What if space expansion – the entire Universe – is like the infinite divisions of an embryo? But because of our relatively small size limited by our individual perspective from Earth, it doesn’t look like we’re inside the embryo, or even a part of it. It’s almost like we’re separate. But when you start to bend light in certain ways, using technology or your imagination, you see the Universe from an all-is-one point of view… All the parts begin to look like the creation of one life. What we interpret as large and exciting events, are actually very regular events on the helix.

Human’s biggest mistake is thinking everything was already created.

WRONG. Everything is still being created within us and around us. Everything we see is an element of the past because light takes time to travel, no matter how quickly. Our only true and immediate connection to the ONE is our consciousness. This is the only point in space-time in which we travel truthfully. Our ideas and intentions are the future. What we think, feel, and say is the present. What we see and hear is the past. This is the truth of space-time travel.

Space is expanding everywhere.

But we don’t notice it because of relativity. Everything else is also expanding at the same rate π (pi). This expansion is the space-time embryo, the present. But when we look into the sky, we see the past. We think the expansion is happening ‘out there’ – further distancing us from the truth. Expansion is happening here, now, everywhere! We can access all that is attached to the NOW energies.


3 comments on “Space Is A Giant Embryo, Dividing Into All Forms of Life

  • I think if you ignore dark energy and entropy then maybe space might fit the model of a cosmic egg, segregating into the further specificity of galaxies and planets and whatnot. That the universe is expanding as so doesn’t really mirror much of life or embryos though given our current understanding. It’s actually kind of an unfortunate fact with end results akin to things like heat death. Not so jolly.

    Still, it is marvelous, and if you zoom out enough you might get a picture that actually fits more your style of thinking. For instance, this is a computer sim of what we think the universe looks like on a large scale:

    Look like a neuronal network to ya? Coincidence, yes, but me to.

    Sigh what an odd bit of space we’re in.

    • I touch on dark energy in a previous blog entry of mine:

      “It isn’t dark or matter. It is free-flowing energy from the big bang that enables thoughts to manifest into reality. In the vast expanses of space where gravity is absent or very minimal, there is potential energy and it is abundant. It is amongst this potential energy space where things are not restricted by time, logic, or the confines of chemical reactions. Literally, anything is possible! And these possibilities manifest themselves on frequencies beyond our framework. The most advanced human technology can’t detect these manifestations.”

      As for entropy… Science is finally catching up.

      I write more in-depth about this idea and how it relates to alternate realities here.

      • I found that below 0 experiment a nice success, but it’s not a new idea, and it really shouldn’t change our perspective on our thermo rules. Although the ideas presented by much of the articles on this topic are a bit optimistic, they still don’t mean a net entropy decrease. Now I’ll admit I’m still hopeful we can find a work-around hah, but we don’t have reason to really believe otherwise yet.

        Your description of dark matter seems a bit fanciful to me… granted we can only speculate on the things we don’t know much about yet, but speculate being the key word. I wouldn’t venture putting too many words into the mouth of dark energy without a direct cause to do so myself. Still the amount of sheer mystery and mind-logic-breaking to it is fantastic.

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