Hurricane Sandy Hook: How We Unknowingly Manifest Reality As Butterflies

Published December 18, 2012 by theimside


Do we see how truth is delivered to us? Isn’t it a mere reflection from which the light of truth is bent? Isn’t that the nature of all light?

Take caution! Social media, mass media, and even news media, do not share the reflection of any given reality. Despite one’s intention to share the truth, events are filtered several times through 4D, 3D, and 2D, resulting in an inaccurate window to reality.

If you have a respect for truth, you will understand: Unless you experience a truth firsthand, the truth cannot be accurately communicated; this is the nature of truth.

Those tethered to Ego may have trouble understanding this. Truth is contextual, and we must accept there are infinite truths out there – as well as within ourselves. Only pieces and remnants of truth’s reflection make it through space-time. For the same reason an answer may never understand the question from whence it came, it doesn’t need to know the question to be the solution anyway. Who writes history? Who writes the future? More importantly, who appreciates the present? Too many of us are busy trying to interpret the past, or predict the future. Do the great philosophers share facts or questions? Which is more important? Are our interpretations and ideas less important than a thought that’s already been thunk? Take caution, indeed.

Humans are rewarded everyday for regurgitating what they’ve already heard. If only original thought had more power than original sin.

People point to guns and monsters because it’s easier to identify “evil.” Labeling or naming something is accepting a false understanding of that thing. And it creates distance from the problem and the solution. Denial is one of the side effects of having a society too reliant on convenience. The problem with original sin; it’s too convenient how it can be warped to make innocent people feel guilt for someone else’s actions, and it can be used to remove any responsibility for one’s own wrongful actions. No one has to take real responsibility, and the ones pointing the finger further distance themselves from any real truth.

Aren’t “facts” supposed to be viewed with a critical eye? Or do we ignore our emotional context in favor of knowledge?

We saw what happened Friday when “facts” reported by the news caused everyone to attack Ryan Lanza’s Facebook – including his Facebook friends. We saw how society’s addiction to information negatively impacted the children being interviewed just moments after the shooting. You won’t find empathy during those interviews. Empathy is not a result of impersonal yes-or-no questions. It was like watching a nightmare get worse in real time.  Are “facts” more important than being aware of our own feelings? Are “facts” more important than being aware how events affect someone else? We shouldn’t ignore the power of emotions, they form the events of history.

We don’t fully understand the nature of consciousness because we have not nurtured it.

Our collective vision positively and negatively manifests reality. We prefer the role of outside observer, and have stumbled upon the new kind of fire – the fifth element Ether (spirit, emotion, thought). We play with it, though it can warm us or burn us. It will react with other Ethers in the environment, resulting inside each of us a changed state. Science is unaware of it. Religions abuse it.

If you want to know what a fear-based reality looks like, look no further than Westboro Baptist Church. They fear everything because they don’t understand how it all fits into the bigger picture. They are only concerned for themselves. Furthermore, they’ve created a self-manifesting prophesy: We treat them the way they expect us to treat them. And unfortunately, under the disguise of free speech and religious practice, this is how this family of lawyers make money.

Like states of matter, so are the changing states of Ether. So delicate is this invisible dance; it has potential to be abused by Egos, the ones unaware of themselves. Ether can preserve a soul like ice, or destroy it like fire. A mere thought is the true butterfly’s wings. And the ego refuses to take responsibility for this hurricane.

That same day, a knife-wielding man attacked 23 children, and officials say he was disturbed by end-of-the-world rumors. Are we so obsessed with what other people tell us, we refuse to see our own role in manifesting reality? To seek facts without heart, to repeat them without conviction, to separate oneself from the capacity to do evil, to compare any two people, to instead actively misunderstand the human struggle in good vs evil – it only distances ourselves from the solution. Oh, the irony! The people saying God is punishing us, the people saying guns are the issue; the people who are pointing fingers instead of looking in the mirror – these are symptoms of disconnect. My friends, we created this storm. How do we solve it?

RIP Angels

Noah Pozner, Olivia Rose Engel, Jessica Rekos, Dylan Hockley, Grace McDonnell, James Matiolli, Emily Alice Parker, Josephine Gay, Jesse Lewis, Caroline Previdi, Ana Grace M. Márquez-Greene, Catherine V. Hubbard, Charlotte Bacon, Daniel Barden, Chase Kowalski

These are the faces we share, turning away from the faces of evil – not out of ignorance or defeat, but love and respect. May evil not be named or labeled, as a name will only serve to empower evil, and a label will only direct the ignorant, however temporarily. We shall attract instead what we wish for permanently. Together, these kids are now in Heaven. Together, they now protect and watch over us. It is time to seek their guidance, for they are old souls, and their lessons are too numerous. May their sacrifices unite us. Our inner child can hear them speak. Take a moment of silence and listen.

RIP Heroes

Victoria Soto, Mary Sherlach, Rachel Davino, Dawn Hochsprung, Anne Marie Murphy, Lauren Rousseau





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