The Youniverse

Published January 9, 2013 by theimside

This might sound weird, but when things worry me… I jump to another Universe. This is how it works:

I believe the entire Universe exists on a spectrum. The spectrum is infinite in both directions… but at the same time, either end folds in on itself. Hot is cold and cold is hot. Small is large and large is small. If the entire Universe is a giant atom to a much larger Universe, then the same must be true for all the atoms that maintain our own existence.

We have atoms that make up the composition of our body. Science has suggested the existence of alternate Universes and dimensions that contain our different decisions, lives, and existences – the things dreams are made of… but how could that be PHYSICALLY possible? Simple. The alternate Universes that contain all of our alternate decisions and alternate lives exist in the sub-atomic molecules that our bodies are made of. There’s an infinite amount of these alternate Universes. It’s very difficult to focus on just one if you’re sensitive to these alternate realities.

When things aren’t going your way, use your free-will to imagine where you’d rather be and take action. You’ll manifest the positive changes quickly if you put forth your belief. With great power comes great responsibility, so please don’t abuse this knowledge. Believe in it. Intent is the driving force of the entire Universe!

What about alternate Universes without our individual existences? Sure, we could remove ourselves physically from this realm, but our soul never goes away, so there’s no such thing as a Universe without us in it.

Peace, Love, Namaste!


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