Learning to Use Your Third Eye

Published May 4, 2014 by theimside


There is a war in Heaven.
Heaven contains the collective human mind.
This war is turning Earth into Hell.
This war has happened before and it always separates the mortals from the immortals.
It’s about harvesting soul energy to maintain old archetypes that control us and keep us separated from source.

I lost my ability to communicate with people. Not that I can’t talk. We use the same words, but we speak different languages. I’m stuck around people who think I’m crazy or just plain stupid. That is their judgment. As such, I have chosen silence in their shadow. And yet, they still invite me to take part in the facade. I have traditionally accepted their invites and I almost lost myself. This is what I have learned during that time.

We personify our observations by translating our findings into human terms. Humans are naturally neutral. Suddenly, we see the ‘unseen’ and we give names to it, which provides us a false sense of understanding of what it is we’re actually looking at because we’re taking it away from its whole. Whether you are looking at an ant, or yourself in the mirror, or a pancake, or watching a movie, you are still seeing ‘the Universe.’ The past is all information in the known Universe that we see. Consciousness breaks through that barrier. Yours. Mine. Ours. It’s connected to what we feel.

And yet, as humans we must accept our part of the whole in order to save ourselves.

Learning to use your Third Eye requires your awareness first before you can control it. It’s a choice. It is likened to the process of breathing – it happens automatically when you’re unaware and manually when you’re aware. Neither inhaling or exhaling constitutes breathing. Both functions are required to live. As such, we are born with our Third Eye open and we call it imagination. As we grow older, society closes our Third Eye because we have no outlet for the adult imagination. We must learn to embrace our imagination again and use it with our adult intellect.

It is learning how to be comfortable with your Third Eye closed. Amazing things happen in the blink of an eye.

It is learning how to be comfortable with your Third Eye open. Realizing we can focus its depth of field to see large and small.

It is learning you have awareness and manual control of it. The rate at which you flutter your Third Eye determines what you see, how you see, and when you see.

The Ego tricks the Third Eye into choosing ‘open’ or ‘closed’ – if the Third Eye is left open or closed, we are more likely to play a ‘role’ chosen by the Ego. To avoid this, we must learn to blink our Third Eye.

People who keep their Third Eye open – or those who can’t close their Third Eye – suffer from going insane, grandiose illusions, and going to emotional extremes to connect with someone else who may be going through the same thing – but this is like looking for an identical snowflake. These people also steal energy from other unsuspecting people in order to make up for “lost sleep.”

Conversely, keeping your Third Eye closed can cause emotional death, a need to follow old archetypes, and apathy. This traps the soul via psychological attachments. When there is no outlet for emotions, people will attach themselves to something else in the Astral Realm (an idea or identity) or the Physical World (addictions), which closes off your connection to Higher Self.

New Archetypes: Ideas, Emotions, Stories, Questions, Muse, Inspiration, New Archetypes
Susceptible To:
Chaos, Dreaming to Live, Flying Through Space, Sleeplessness, Insomnia, Becoming an Energy Vampire

Old Archetypes: Facts, Words, Answers, Responses, Writer’s Block
Susceptible To:
Order, Living the Dream, Driving Roads, Narcolepsy, Becoming a Zombie or Sheep

People who don’t know they have this control of their Third Eye deny this aspect – this extension of their consciousness. They enter a binary state – as in seeing only with two eyes – and attempt symmetry by aligning to archetypes rather than thinking of new ideas and speaking original thoughts.

Picking God or No God is a symptom of denying your Third Eye.

This unfortunate binary construct forces human bodies into exploitation by having to pick sides. The solution to this is realizing there are no sides. Just space. And lots of it.

BINARY CONSCIOUSNESS CONSTRUCT: The Result of Keeping your Third Eye Open or Closed

  1. Chooses one or the other.
  2. Easily programmable and susceptible to Ego.
  3. Consciousness falls into trance (unaware of itself) if left in either “awake” or “sleep” state.
  4. Entire collectives are placed under this trance and gathered under a name or title.
  5. Rituals are performed to maintain the trance and build the power of that archetype.
  6. Strongly aligns with “If-Then” scenarios.
  7. Unaware or in denial that everyone and everything has their place.
  8. Suffers from self-hatred or jealousy.
  9. Either lacks emotion or has no outlet to express oneself.
  10. Easily addicted and attached to ideas and physical matter.
  11. Prefers either silence or noise, because they are afraid of the other.
  12. Seeks a Gender Mate, based on conditional love.
  13. Carries out old archetypes.

LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS CONSTRUCT: The Result of Fluttering your Third Eye Open and Closed

  1. Accepts all choices available, and provides new ones.
  2. Creates new programs. Susceptible to rebirth.
  3. Consciousness does not fall into binary “sleep” or “awake” state – becomes enlightened and aware of itself.
  4. Excess is defined and achieved by not attaching oneself to any single archetype.
  5. Meditation is used to stay aware and unattached to any plane of existence and its contents.
  6. Strongly aligns to “What If?” scenarios.
  7. Aware and accepting of the whole way things are, for this is the basis of what’s new.
  8. Accepting and loving of self and others, and requires neither.
  9. Finds a way to express themself.
  10. Open to the existence and purpose of old ways, without being dismissive, for building a better consciousness.
  11. Embraces both the silence and the noise, because you can’t have one without the other.
  12. Seeks a Soul Mate, based on unconditional love.
  13. Embraces new ideas and seeks new experiences.

Unlike our two eyes, our Third Eye both receives additional spectral energy and projects it. It requires training and practice to use and understand it – like playing any sport or new video game – and eventually you learn how to use it intentionally to transmute harmful binary constructs and unstable energies into new thoughts and ideas. It’s Alchemy.

During this shift, we must allow people to have the freedom – and feel the freedom – to say what they feel and think. Until they can pass through The Veil. Until they can pass through all the words and phrases they were told to say. Until they can pass through the worlds they were told to see. Until we can stand together, teach each other how to see for themselves and neglect our contempt and jealousy in awe of others’ creations. Or we may risk trapping ourselves.

Unstable archetypes are easy to recognize in that they are the things that whisper to us, “come back.” This is why we must live our life free from attachment. Not just to physical things – but the letting go of the concept of your mind. The fact is, people that don’t know how to use their bodies will die. This is the same for consciousness – selfish archetypes are finite and always requires fuel to make up for its separation from source. This planet has become a farming mechanism to harvest human soul energy by trapping the human mind – which always traps the soul if we don’t know how to recognize and harmonize both their functions and purpose. We decide that. The key is your Third Eye.

This reality would never have been the case had it not been for our own egos holding on. War is the biggest, most profitable soul farming archetype. It satisfies harvesting through mortal deaths and maintains fear for the rest of the planet. The secret to escaping is to let it all go.

Mass religion has used God’s name in vein by exploiting and withholding the nature of the Third Eye, replacing its function with the role of money to alter our desires. We’re left unaware that we have exchanged our awareness for someone else’s. If we can recognize the traps by which money causes more harm than good, surely we can recognize how binary archetypes are harmful to understanding consciousness. Binary constructs limit the perception and awareness of self. Money restricts collective consciousness by forcing choice and competition on the physical plane. It completely undermines the desires we all have to create something of our own. Money is not the final solution to “natural selection” because it reinforces the practice of ownership over natural resources – in large. It reinforces the idea of ownership over people. And most harmful of all, it keeps people living by attachment of things they did not create and don’t need. It is self-evident, yet masked with irony. Why celebrate a facade when we can create and celebrate better realities with what we already have? And yet, because money was placed in motion, it can not be stopped or gotten rid of easily without causing great harm.

I know because I have failed to live without attachment. I have held on to this concept of who I was – I had to let go of all possessions, that was living without attachment, right?


I needed to learn and unlearn how to accept my role in a Universe where Gods and No Gods existed. And that required learning and practicing blinking my Third Eye. Because it’s actually not that easy to accept how things are when there is no serious way to talk about these sorts of things without people judging me, thinking I’m crazy or stupid. As such, my naïvety led me astray because I was uncomfortable in my own silence.

I know because I remember when my Third Eye was open but I was unaware. I remember when my Third Eye was closed and I was still unaware. I remember when my Third Eye was opened again and I was aware but in denial. I remember when my Third Eye was closed again and I was still aware but in denial. I’ve been stuck in a denial phase until very recently. The blinking started happening more frequently. As my awareness of it grew, it was like seeing things before they happened, but not believing it. Every time I’ve ignored my awareness of my Third Eye, great tragedy ensued.

People’s actions and willingness to earn money seems more important than seeking the inherent value of something. I’ve witnessed and been a victim of such selfishness and as a result, my free-will became convoluted by unfair outcomes, having to make unnatural choices which took me farther away from enlightenment. For better or for worse. The denial of our Third Eye is the “flat Earth theory” or “geocentrism” applied to consciousness. To argue about Gods or No Gods is a distraction. It polarizes our minds and traps our soul to feed the ones orchestrating it all.

The Awakening across the globe is a very tedious process – one must be careful not to awaken those who aren’t ready or who don’t wish to awaken until all harmful archetypes are transmuted. Because even the “bad guys” are stuck in this.

Technology is not the pinnacle of the human mind. It is a place holder, a stepping stone, not a stopping point or replacement of our natural ability. Technology was not a creation by humans – rather it was harnessed like fire. It was always there from the beginning. We just recognized and reassembled the parts. The same can be done with consciousness. That is to say: it doesn’t have to happen. We can choose to deny how connected everything is. We can choose to deny our connection to that everything. Only fools think they can buy their way across the Universe.

I’ve known rational atheists who equated my spirituality with being stupid. Excuse me? You believe a body of scientific knowledge that proposes the idea of the Multiverse and you haven’t proved it yet. We’re just supposed to imagine all this in the mean time? Big Bang? Great concept too. I’m on board. Your lack of proof combined with your lack of understanding consciousness is where the body of science and its application flops. And you really feel justified laughing at me expressing my ideas? Don’t guilt me for using such technology to tell you this. That’d be like guilting scientists for using Universal matter to tell you their newest findings. I’m just as thankful for these technological and intellectual advancements as you are. Stop arguing over syntax! Next?

In order for this shift to occur, attribution is unnecessary. Citations give us a false sense of confidence about what we know because didn’t earn the knowledge ourself. Sure, absorb and decipher this body of knowledge. But don’t forget to contribute your own knowledge and emotion. This is only possible by living without an attachment to that knowledge by understanding its inherent value. Never allow financial value override inherent value or sentimental value.

A thought is like a website. When you think of something you want, your consciousness (IP address) visits that idea in the astral realm (website) under the impression that you built that idea because it is you who thinks. But this is not the case. People’s thoughts are guided all day (by money, emotions, ego, etc) to visit old ideas. This brings them to their thoughts and makes others more money.

If you accept the idea that your thoughts are not yours, you will begin to be guided by your own creation and the energies of the Universe – rather than the creative addictions built by humans.

Instead of visiting these old ideas and old websites, spiritual growth is about building yourself within the context of the old, while building and sharing the new. This is possible by understanding our nature and connection to everything, without believing or disbelieving all else out there, and without finding attachment.

In this way, original thought is hard to come by. Emotions are diluted to mutually agreed upon terms reserved for small talk. Remember, “happiness” is not an emotion – it is a word. It does not represent the emotion itself – only a story can do that. The increasing cultural norm to suppress emotions prevents us from having important dialogs with one another. This connection has the power to end wars, sexism, racism, slavery, etc.

Emotional extinction could be the end of the human species.

The collective human mind is a battle field. Take arms now – always appreciate each moment and perceive with your heart. Master manipulators lack emotion and will create a conversational vacuum to illicit a response from your ego to fill the void. They get a high from your response. Evil archetypes don’t think for themself due to their attachments – they create desire rather than desire to create. If you have fallen under the influence of anyone else’s archetype – good or evil – you have not likely been allowed to see your own way. But that does not make the choice disappear. We all have these capabilities that defy what we’ve been told. We are our own Savior.

When any two people communicate, they risk an emotional exchange, or bond. This bond is what connects us and allows us to relate to the Universe, to build friendships and communities. This exchange was always meant to happen by natural means, not technological. Technology is a surprise addition to our collective consciousness, not a replacement. Technology creates a false emotional exchange. Mass communication will typically illicit emotional responses from it’s audience, but this exchange is not truly mutual; it is one-sided. It limits the listener’s emotional response in an already emotionally dead society. We’re aware a TV news anchor won’t hear or see our response so we hold it in. This disconnect keeps up from achieving collective consciousness and maintains the gap between leaders and followers – it prevents enlightenment.

Master manipulators will influence others who disagree with them by calling the disagreement a guilt trip in order to deny an emotional exchange before it can occur. This is a master manipulator’s trademark technique to break any and all communication. This emotional death is at the sacrifice to all emotional persons. Over time, this process created an imbalance of power by creating a world that relies only on what we see and hear – not what we feel. We are all susceptible to being harmed by this limiting of emotional exchanges in society.


Just like survival in Mother Nature, we are responsible for our own soul’s survival before we can help others. There is no exception for ignorance. Just because you haven’t practiced drowning, doesn’t mean you won’t. Evil archetypes are betting that you just don’t care, that you stay unaware. I bet that you do care because you’re reading this.

By helping ourselves into awareness in this manner, we can achieve enlightenment. We can help our soul families by building ethereal road maps for them. Grant them access to the body of knowledge and emotions you have. If you ask them for help, you shall receive. You won’t find the answers in the mouths of people. The answers are whispered on the breath of the cosmic wind. And you don’t have to let anyone into your inner kingdom if you don’t want to. YOU have control.

It’s ironic that emotionally dead people are capable of mimicking and manipulating others’ genuine emotions. The funny thing about emotionally dead people is that they think they are superior to people who share their emotions openly. No one is superior to anyone else, but their perceptions have been allowed to run amok and manifest – making them true. Particularly if you are in a power position and you can afford this emotional death.

Emotionally dead people in positions of power cause and maintain a state of panic for those with emotions – and the emotionally susceptible continue to feed the rich and powerful. This reinforces their perception of superiority. More and more people are becoming less emotional in order to fit in. This emotional disconnect is a death and it is what causes mental health issues, lying, and violence. Emotions are a natural and necessary step toward enlightenment and the shift toward a global consciousness.

People deny their emotions because they deny an important aspect of themselves. Whatever this may be, it can take form and manifest as a deep dark secret, an addiction, or emotional/spiritual trauma and death.

I’m not saying to ignore our debts. I’m not saying don’t wear your seatbelt. This is not anarchy or a violent revolution. I’m not calling for mass criminal or illegal activity.

I’m saying we can override these old unstable archetypes by turning the many pieces into something new. Something that synchronizes us with the balanced Universal structure in everything we do. We can no longer neglect our social development for technological advancements. The human intelligence singularity is real. Emotions are its pieces.

We were not made to speak facts. We were made to share truths.

Embrace your Third Eye and see a world you were always meant to.


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