Roller Coaster of Quantum Variables and Such

Published June 21, 2014 by theimside

“I think hell is something you carry around with you. Not somewhere you go.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists

I was reaching another cliff… you know… one of those places where I was sure I was going to end it all.

Do something to just end my life…. and I needed a spiritual experience.

I wish I could tell you more details, but that will have to wait until we see each other in person.

But the experience pulled me out of the exile I was in.

This is my story.


You know that episode of Buffy?… Once More With Feeling?

That’s what happened to me last year. I was launched into Heaven and I was shoved back into my tiny little body with a heavy depression that lingered… Today is the big conclusion to that arc.

June 21 is the solstice. A time of new beginnings.

It is a cosmic gate of sorts.

And next weekend will be the same thing.

The cosmic gates will get closer and closer until it becomes infinite and we all realize ourselves again.

It’s going to be like looking in the mirror, twice, and realizing we are each other.

We are the reflection. And the reflection is copied over and over, and ‘you,’ and ‘me,’ and ‘they’ are all part of that reflection.

And separation is the illusion and it’s what allows us to justify causing harm to maintain the separation. But that is not what is written in the stars. The end of the world is not going to happen.

The Gods and Goddesses are not allowing it.

And so…. They sent me and others like me. I’m pretty sure you are one of them. So please look deep inside yourself. I wish I could help you more than this, but the secret is to maintain a state of bliss and meditation at all times.

People are testing me all the time. But I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure evil exists. But it doesn’t have a name. Literally. Once it gets “spotted” it shifts to a different person anyway.

SO… essentially, the last episode of Buffy is what’s unfolding now. Everyone has the ability to turn it on or off. It has nothing to do with age, or race, or bloodline, or education. It has to do with emotions.

The more you numb yourself, the less you are connected.

If you feel pain, it is important to express it and feel it, not ignore it, or we get trapped until it is released.

I wish I could tell you who this evil villain is, but it’s more difficult than that. It can not be named. No, not like Voldemort. When you point at evil, all it does is laugh and sink back into its own darkness. It waits for another victim to consume and take the blame.

World governments are aware of the problem. They are not the enemy.

All the same drama that I’ve experienced in the city happens in the government. It’s like a playground and everyone is children and we all act under the influence of the Gods, Demons, characters, and celebrities; anything that is a copy or archetype of something before. Original thought is immediately punished by these copies.

But once you realize you ARE a copy, you emerge as an original. But be weary of the people still stuck in Plato’s cave. They think YOU are the evil one.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Get it? 😉

Telepathic communication is possible. You can ‘ping’ people you know. When you message me online, I will check before I get notified and you will have messaged me. I sensed you. It has nothing to do with distance. It has to do with emotional connection. The stronger that emotional connection is – like the bond between a mother and her child – then more complex information can be sent telepathically.

Just like a roller coaster and the neutral nature of human biology and psychology… Spiritual awareness and being ‘AWAKE’ can change, shrink, or grow. I’ve been logged on for a week and a half now. Longest time so far. Before, too many coincidences would freak me out and I would turn it off. But this time, things are heated. Evil is thinking it can make a comeback… Which is why I was switched back on.

Yes, it was a choice… but it wasn’t like walking into an office. It was more like recognizing God’s face and answering the call. I needed to remember…. I needed to fall in love with the Devil. And create a union.

That sounds bad, but….

It wasn’t.

Because I needed to experience what Lucifer experienced.

And I did. It came at me like a Dark Horse.

It was horrible to feel expelled out of Heaven. I wanted to destroy everything.

But then I accepted my perfection. My power. My attraction toward my own darkness and I…. fell in love with myself. Not the devil.

So I reawakened… and then the REAL spirit quest started. I immediately sought out another lucid spiritual experience. And it is what connected me to EVERYTHING.

It was not all-consuming. It was like seeing myself from everyone else’s point of view, from a motherly point of view, and no longer feeling alone.

I haven’t been depressed since last week.


I will try to hold on to this feeling as long as I can. Or at least, as long as is necessary.

So far as I can tell, it’s permanent.

The world is like The Matrix. Things are happening very, very, very far away in a singularity, and everything is copied and beamed to HERE and NOW whatever HERE and NOW is. There’s not just one is there?

So in a way, the world we see is not the real world, but the shadow of the higher dimensions being cast upon us. To put it simply, it’s all happening a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

And there’s only so much that can be said before you realize that people will ignore you, kill you, or make fun because they don’t FEEL it. Although they long for that sense of connection.

It’s a very convincing illusion, the separation of everything. But it is basically like a computer. It’s all contained in itself. Now, the problem is that each of us is a PART of it, but we also contain the WHOLE. Which means, our imaginations can be used against us to feed an existing system. If we believe it is our choice to do so, then that belief is allowed by the Free Will Law of the Universe.

Sadly, the whole God vs Devil thing was made up to make people pick sides. Both sides are false. The whole is the truth.

And that is why people must learn to love themselves. Recognize and nurture the power within. You create what you see. Until someone else sees it too, which further solidifies THAT perceived reality.

Nothing is set in stone in such a way.

Until a species, such as ourselves, get stuck.

So, we need help. And that’s part of my job.

I don’t get paid for it. Which sucks. But then again, Jesus never did either.

I feel like I’m being socially crucified.

I just have to deal with the embarrassment and judgment and then I will return stronger before, revealing the same truths as before.

There are codes. And symbols. Some are given. Some you choose.

But you keep them to yourself. And when you see them pop up, that’s the Universe’s way to talking to you.

Once you tune into one kind of vibration, it’s easier to see others – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and intuition. We can receive and broadcast.

And of course, these secrets of the Universe are kept secret very easily. You get called a psycho if you point any out. SO YAY THERE’S THAT.

There are certain rules. You simply can’t TELL people what’s going on. First of all, if they don’t want to believe it, they don’t have to. They wouldn’t see it anyway. They’ll write it off. And for good reason.

If they saw something they weren’t prepared to see, they would go insane in the real world, and when they die their soul would be even more attached to the planet instead of moving on…. This process is what Satan… the real one… wants. It’s called soul harvesting and the world we see is called the demiurge. It is splitting apart. The New Earth – which is the same planet but with a good future will happen for those that believe it. The Old Earth is the same planet too but with a bad apocalyptic ending. Both planets and futures will occur simultaneously. The people who choose to focus on one or the other will determine which future they experience – but it will not be the same for everyone.

People can, at any time, jump to either reality. Until a certain time when both worlds will be separated permanently.

The date is ambiguous and does not matter LOL

That’s just the matter of time.

Old Testament vs New Testament is an example of the Earth splitting. And the war is a direct cause of the split. In many ways, the war could be eternal if we allow it.

Another example of this split: I can say the exact same thing on Facebook & Twitter. On Facebook it’s the end of the world. On Twitter, the world keeps turning.

Now why would my expression be favored in one place and not the other?

Each side wants its members. I am NOT here to tell people which side to pick. I am here to inspire people to see the whole and create a world of their own.

THAT is what is means to awaken your inner Christ.

To become one with the Universe.

Everything looks like a baby when this happens.


So when I’m coming back down from Heaven and remembering everything I’ve done and seeing how I’ve contributed to the two sides fighting, it’s like seeing little kids fight over something so dumb and it’s very humbling. I felt so stupid.

I am willing to be wrong. I’m not willing to hate. Even the bad people. Because I don’t think they created the idea of being bad. It was planted in their brain.
The Universe has a way of making things untrue if they are not self-sustaining.
It is called probabilities.
Quantum variables and such

And so then trying to interact with people again isn’t so easy. I see all the manipulation and it destroys the beauty in people.

Do not prove your worth to anyone. It is self evident to people with like minds. Like oil and water, the right people will see your worth and bond with you. They won’t assume you are broke or for sale. We’re all in this together. Express yourself freely. But never change to fit in. Allow room for disagreements, but don’t agree to what insults your soul. If they outnumber you, it’s a called a revolution.

“Because I’ve known him longer,” is not loyalty. It is a violation of basic human equality. Treating someone as less is the embodiment of fear. Knowing and loving the value of the unified NOW: that’s loyalty.

Someone’s life experience is evidence. It doesn’t go away just because you weren’t there to see it and validate. It’s so relative. What may be true for one person, isn’t true for another person due to their difference in self evidence. I try to keep this in mind when meeting new people and forming friendships.

Do what you will with what you know and feel. Love yourself. For better or for worse. Your choice.



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