A Link to the Past

Published June 22, 2014 by theimside

Observing anything means looking into the past. The illusion is that it appears to be the present. But the NOW is always in the heart.


Satan.. the real one… doesn’t believe in love. If I was Satan, I’d be pissed at Jesus and others like Him. What better way to get back at Jesus than to trick His second coming – our collective awakening – into manifesting Satan’s dreams while thinking it is all our own? We all pay a price for our dreams. Have you ever wondered why? Heaven on Earth is an individual choice first, a collective choice second.

What if there was a baby civilization today? And it didn’t realize that it was already part of a galactic civilization because it’s only about 250 years old and it takes a certain number of people, and a certain amount of time before they can awaken as a collective consciousness? Well… Old World archetypes would manifest a code – a virus of the mind –  to prevent such a second coming. For Satan, soul harvesting is a matter of survival. That virus would maintain the soul-harvesting demiurge  by preventing everyone from being awakened and finding their OWN connection to the Universal. A second coming – our collective awakening – would effectively stop soul harvesting and would create Heaven on Earth.

And what if all this ‘chosen one’ bullshit was true? You know… those heroes and legends we all celebrate because they are connected to… that celestial purity. The Supernatural. The Grid.

Satan… the real one… is a Queen Bee. And she is pissed at these heroes. Satan doesn’t have a face or a name. Heroes and villains do. If you aren’t a Queen Bee, you are following the pheromones of thought. You also think you thought it up. Satan understands the psychology of humans coming into Christ consciousness. And the game is rather tricky. Remember, humans are neutral by nature by accordance to Free Will. Evil morphs into the most convenient form for itself to remain hidden. Satan would understand the psychology of collective consciousness and would divide the world into different territories, create language barriers and wars to prevent the union of tribes across time. All because we don’t realize we are Alive. We are One. Satan would anchor the consciousness to the past. Satan would create a world of echoes and prevent us from breaking out of it by trapping our minds and making us our own enemies. And if we don’t trust ourselves, how could we possibly trust each other?

The heart never forgets

These clouds of consciousness is our reality. You either see your world, whatever that may be, or you see the world as it is collectively. You base a lot of your foundation on the past. LOL We have been classically trained to fear the idea of becoming a collective. (Resistance is futile.) That’s hilarious considering most of the world’s problems happen because of our collective actions. A bad habitat creates bad habits.

Satan thrives in Old World archetypes. Satan has manifested as corporations to trick New World society into incorporating itself. This traps consciousness into ‘business.’ Business without heart creates Hell on Earth. What a bitch. We focus on the material process of maintaining what’s been incorporated (a big circle jerk of expectations), rather than incorporating our hearts into the world. I don’t mean getting rid of money or government or even big business. The answers are already there. The system is in place. I’m talking about acting with unconditional love. You know, that thing everyone touts off about but they don’t actually practice the method? Everyone complains about the traffic, but only when they are stuck in traffic. They don’t realize they ARE the traffic.

A Queen Bee like Satan would offer you a world you think is yours. Satan would use your own dreams and mind against you. But is that reality?

Example: All your favorite things should be things you’ve created yourself. It should be your dreams realized. But your favorite things have all been created for you by someone else. And then someone else told you that you wanted it. That’s not evil. It’s your world. But if your soul expresses itself solely through others’ work, you don’t give yourself the opportunity to really create your OWN reality NOW.

It doesn’t matter where the center of the Universe is. It matters where our OWN center is in the NOW.

A new way of seeing our world in the NOW: The Sky is our Father Past. He is our teacher. The embodiment of our history. The Earth’s Iron Core is our Mother Future. She is our lover. The embodiment of our hopes and dreams. Our Mind is the NOW. We are the children. We are Past and Future merged as one. We dance all day and all night in their symphony of lessons. When we know how it goes, we welcome each other into the Universe! Imagine. Free Yourself. One Love. Namaste. ॐ


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