Symphony of Chemistry

Published June 27, 2014 by theimside

The Sky is our Father Past
He is our Teacher
Our History
The Earth’s Core Is Our Mother Future
She Is Our Lover
Our Hopes & Dreams
Our Mind Is The NOW
We Are The Children
The Past & Future Merged As One
We Dance All Day & All Night In A Symphony Of Chemistry
When We Know How It Goes
We Welcome Each Other Into The Universe
The World We See Is But A Thin Film
The World We Feel Lies Beyond That
And It Is A World Of Infinite Potential
I Am Tempered By Fire
I Am Cooled By Water
I Am Both Yet Neither
My World Is The Steam
It Is The Complex Beauty In Simplicity
Which Allows Life To Flourish
It’s Actually Not Difficult To Feel
It Is Difficult To Observe Though
The Fibonacci Sequence
A Simple Math Code
From Which We Get Phi
The Golden Mean And The Fibonacci Spiral
The Complexity Is What We See
Complexity Is The Illusion
Simplicity Is The Reality
Can I Tell The Difference Between What Is Mine And What Is Devine?


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