A Modern Conversation Between The Philosopher & The Psychiatrist: Two Fools In Medias Res

Published July 24, 2014 by theimside

Maslow Chakras

PHILOSOPHER: What is the science of telling someone they don’t have something? …can’t do something? …can’t be something?


PHILOSOPHER: #Inequality

PSYCHIATRIST: Life is unequal?

PHILOSOPHER: Is life a science?

PSYCHIATRIST: Can you ask less idiotic questions and then when I answer them jokingly, reply jokingly instead?

PHILOSOPHER: Can you ask funnier questions like a modern philosopher?

PSYCHIATRIST: We don’t ask funny questions, we give funny answers to sad questions.

PHILOSOPHER: A world that is asked sad questions will think it needs to give sad answers. What happens if you ask funny questions in a sad world?

PSYCHIATRIST: The you become a fool.

PHILOSOPHER: Isn’t that where a hero’s journey begins in any Universe? Isn’t the Fool suspended in medias res?

PSYCHIATRIST: There are no such things as heroes or villains. Just people doing what they think is best for themselves and world. Unfortunately, people tend to be wrong a lot.

PHILOSOPHER: Then in your Universe, can I assume you are wrong?

PSYCHIATRIST: You’re placing juxtaposition upon basic literary themes with real life. A poor motion on your part. In my Universe you can assume anything you wish. It will be unlikely to impeded me and my rightness or wrongness because it is not central to my sense of self. What is central to my identity is my ability to ask the right questions about the right things. To eventually walk toward the right path.

PHILOSOPHER: Dear Brother, basic literary themes are a huge financial profit for a small portion of the real world. Does the juxtaposition not already take place when we go to see these worlds shown on the silver screen? On TV? On the Internet? In video games? In music? At which point does it become a poor motion to consume or create that expression?

PSYCHIATRIST: That doesn’t mean that they are correct nor wise notions.

PHILOSOPHER: Do you participate with silver screens or vapid pixels?


PHILOSOPHER: So you are unaware then… About your role in the juxtaposition between this world and many unseen others? The worlds that we exchange our money, time, and energy to gain entry into? Tickets to other worlds. What happens to this world when our desire for tickets leads us to ignore the problems of the real world. The real world doesn’t require tickets for entry. Is the real world on a good path or a bad path?
What do you produce? I produce thoughts to connect the dots. I am just as guilty as anyone else for contributing to the ignorance of our world. I have sinned. Do you know your role in the world? Is our world on a good path or bad path? Which world are you a player for? Does that match the world you are currently in? Why or why not? How might this affect your feelings of unconditional love for yourself and others? Do you act in accordance with what you then know? Or do you act in accordance with what you feel now?

PSYCHIATRIST: Your first paragraph is the rambling of someone trying to explain irrelevance. The second one more so irrelevant, but somewhat more concise. My role in the world is undetermined. A role is something you see when you look back after a task is accomplished. There is no driving universal destiny, nor a force to determine before it happens. It is incidental, and it is a result of random collisions no different than those of chemistry.

PHILOSOPHER: HAHAHA. Do you love yourself?
A person who has mastered the mind will have mastered Love and will love thy self unconditionally. Their intelligence will have equated self love with happiness. Happiness produces better results, creativity, and well-being. If your mind hasn’t solved the eternal equation of unconditional love, I can’t trust you to love or like anything else in the Universe. Your observation would be tainted through self loathing, or worse, apathy.
You can choose to experience life from any perspective of the hero’s journey at any time simply by changing your perception. I’m only saying this because you are a Fool suspended in media res. Only a Fool denies the faults in our stars. A Fool ignores the legends whispered on the winds. When you are a Galaxy, you can see beyond both the relevant and irrelevant. And you see the roles we take after the stars and the legends. And yet the wonderful mystery is that there is always a task at hand. Always something new to do. Because the puzzle is never solved.
So I refute you. There is certainly a driving Universal energy grid that allows consciousness to shape and interact with all material within that Universal energy grid. And since chemistry itself is the basis of the Universe, nothing is incidental or random. Everything is, however, united in a state of flux. What appears to be random is an illusion. Whatever appears to be an illusion is not reality. Therefore, reality does have a structure, a pattern, a code. And only the people who are aware of the code can start writing their own. I love myself, so I’m sending you some of my magic. Namaste.

PSYCHIATRIST: I respect myself. I love those who my life has brought into connection to me.
And as I’ve said before. I believe the world is beautiful without my help in filling the gaps. I don’t need to say that the wind speaks legends, for the song of the wing is beautiful enough.
I don’t need to claim that the stars tell me destiny, for the stars themselves as entities of solar fusion and light are beautiful.
You may find the world unimaginative and bland without your help. Or maybe you find that it is your job to make the world beautiful. But it is not. The world will remain changing long after you are gone. It’s beauty is inherent to it, it is not owned by you.

PHILOSOPHER: I count 11 statements. Doesn’t a philosopher ask more questions than that? I would respond to you but as a philosopher, I really prefer to respond to questions with more questions. Remember Be Here Now?

PSYCHIATRIST: A paradigm is not a question.

PHILOSOPHER: What is the question?
The original question relates to a paradigm shift:
What is the science of telling someone they don’t have something? …can’t do something? …can’t be something?
And you have answered – not in words – but in your perception. Your pattern of questions and statements are disguised as funny statements to sad questions. But your statements are really just sad responses to sad actions. Only you think it is funny.
The science of telling someone that they don’t have something, or can’t do something, or can’t be something is the science of inequality. It is not necessarily inequality itself that separates you and I. Rather, it is the interactions of our perceptions of each other that manifest the inequality. It hides our magic from one another. You and I will may never meet in the real world due to this inequality.
The reason we are not equal is simply because our beliefs are opposing. I believe in spirit and you “do not need it.” And we both perceive that to be true. Our audience perceives our differences to be true. But the truth is that the Universe contains all opposing beliefs in and of themselves. We are not each other’s enemy in such a Universe. We are our own enemy. Or our own friend. The choice is always ours.
In other words, does the answer understand the question from whence it came?

PSYCHIATRIST: No, I answered it jokingly. I said that medicine tells people what they conditions they have and what they shouldn’t do, or what they can’t be.
Science does not seek to answer this question because science does not seek to converse with the individual. Science converses with natural forces.
Before you go off an entire unmedicated tangent that has utterly nothing to do with what I posted and then proceed to claim that you’ve surmounted a great universal truth.

PHILOSOPHER: I don’t refute your answer ‘medicine.’ I get the joke. But did the joke stop there, or did the joke continue when you asked, “Life is unequal?”
For me, the joke ended after your first response. Because yes it is hilarious. I guess I forgot to laugh because I’ve heard it before. LOL. Only you are the joke. See? You said the stimulus for a funny answer is a sad question. My question is not sad though. It is a question of science. It’s being produced by a philosopher in a state of bliss. Only you perceive my questions to be of sad origin, Mr. Comedian. You’re a mime who wants to be happy in a sad world and it’s hard to communicate without knowing Universal language of Love. This is what it means to be the hero, symbolized by the Fool. The hero must learn unconditional love.
For example: You mentioned that a lot of people are wrong. Could it be that they each collectively deny the Fool? They deny that they are the Fool. They deny their inner hero who already has the magic inside them – because they are busy trying to prove their worth to others who also deny their inner hero. The inner hero represents unconditional love. If a society denies their folly, what else do they produce in their blindness but more folly?
Love yourself as the Fool, and you will Love yourself as the Universe.
This is Universal truth. Namaste.

PSYCHIATRIST: No, life is unequal. That is a fundamental truth of the world, some are born rich, some are born without arms.

PHILOSOPHER: #askmorequestions #themoreyouknow
You think life is beautiful, yet life is unequal. By following a mind code that “life is unequal,” combined with “life is beautiful without me having to be in it,” you literally remove yourself from your world – the world. Because you think you are beautiful, but you also think you are not necessary or worthy of equality. You will be treated as such because you are secretly consenting to it without realizing it. Which means you get censored. Your world is not able to be created as you wish it to be. Because deep down, you don’t believe you are equal. Do you believe an unequal life is beautiful?

PSYCHIATRIST: If you believe that the world has to be utopian to be beautiful then I can understand why you’re crazy.
And I never said that it’s beautiful without you. I said that it’ll be beautiful after you’re dead and your bones have decayed into dust.

PHILOSOPHER: You’re right, you did say, “life is beautiful without having to fill in the gaps.” What gaps though? The gaps you SEE? Or the gaps you FEEL? Either way, you are assuming the Universe has gaps… The illusion is the gaps. Don’t assume what I believe. What do you believe?

PSYCHIATRIST: I believe that the world is beautiful. But that fundamentally beauty is within us, as we grade it.
Likewise I accept that our world is not utopian nor that everyone is born equal. It is a simple biological tenet. Social equality is an issue of the now and today.
And really? You spent the last 2 weeks trying to assume what I believe because you don’t actually speak to me. You lecture at me. It’s actually somewhat insulting considering things.

PHILOSOPHER: I lecture at myself, silly. You are insulted because you are choosing to be. It’s not my intention. It is your intent to be insulted. That is why you disguise your insulted being with a “funny response.” So what if you are insulted? If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it.
Social inequality is certainly an issue. So let’s return to the original question:
“What is the #science of telling someone they don’t have something? …can’t do something? …can’t be something?”
It is #inequality. Social inequality is an issue of the mind, which is our only link to the NOW. If inequality is a problem of the NOW, then all it takes is a changing of the mind. A synchronized shift in minds everywhere would solve inequality.
The solution is not talking to each other about it. That means the solution travels through time and escapes from the NOW. It gets distorted in the space between. Equality is Peace. Equality is Love. Equality is Unity. Equality is Respect. Equality is Aware of Itself before it can be itself.
What came first? The Inequality? Or the Egg?

PSYCHIATRIST: Inequality, because to become an ovum, three sister polar bodies need to die.

PHILOSOPHER: Their death makes them less equal to you?

PSYCHIATRIST: That has nothing to do with your question. I simply acknowledged that inequality and unequal division preceded the egg.

PHILOSOPHER: Does your division understand the multiplication from whence it came?

PSYCHIATRIST: Honestly, I’ve been trying not to stop because my if I do it’ll give you the idea that you’ve actually said something significant. But at this point I give up. You’re attempts at anthropomorphizing quantum phenomena and the universe is disturbing.

PHILOSOPHER: It’s the Universe doing it. Don’t kill the messenger. Don’t fall in love with the messenger either. Fall in love with the message. Or not. Your choice.

PSYCHIATRIST: I’ve decided that psychiatry is no longer a viable career choice for me. Thank you for that.

PHILOSOPHER: I saw the Universe where you were a psychiatrist… Not so pretty.
Try the Universe where you know and love yourself instead of trying to know and love others. Yes. That’s the one with the Good Future.
We are equal in spirit, brother. Always know that. Always feel that. It is not filling in the gaps. It is realizing they are already filled. Do not create gaps. I love you. Namaste.


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