U Were Billions Of Years Old Before U Were Born

Published August 2, 2014 by theimside

Traveling Through The Dimensions Is Like Having A Conversation Which Transforms Into A Self-Aware Echo. A Universal Conversation – If You FreeWill.

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The ElectroMagnetic Spectrum Is An Infinite, Vibrating Ocean Of Realities. The Universal Archetype Is Light – Pure Vibration – A Matrix As Adjusted By Sound. The Illusion, From Our Standpoint, Is Separation From This Pulsating Fabric Of Intent.

Basically, Life In Our 3D World Is Likened To The Frosting Of An Oreo Cookie. We Live In The Frosting. As Such, We Are Unaware What “Frosting” Is. We Are Unaware That The Frosting Is Sandwiched Between Two Crusts.

But We Do Know The Frosting Starts And Stops At The Edges. The Cookie Portion Appears Like A Wall To Us – We Think It Is Where The Universe Stops, But The Universe Continues And Contains The Crusts.

One-Way Mirror Cube

One-Way Mirror Cube


We Must Become Enlightened. Realize Ourselves. Our Place. Only Then Can We Begin To Taste Ourselves.

In The Meantime, An Intelligent Universe Would Want To Create A World Likened To A Human Eating An Oreo Without Harming The Human Or The Oreo.

Our Concept Of Time Here On 3D Earth Is Not How Time Works In The Rest Of The Universe. The Flow Of Time Is Unique For Earth – Because It Is Unique For Every Planet & Star System. But This Does Not Change The Nature Of Space-Time. The Calendar Distances Us From Understanding The Nature Of Space-Time. Particularly The Nature Of The Expansion Of Space-Time In Other Dimensions Or Densities.

Time Appears To Move More Quickly (From Our Perspective) The Smaller We Go Into The Sub-Atomic. Time Appears To Move More Slowly From Our Perspective The Further Upward We Go Into The Super-Massive. (Think Planet Mercury VS Planet Neptune)

Relativity Means That No Matter Where You Observe The Universe, Space-Time Will Always *Feel* Like It’s Flowing ‘Normally’ For The Observer. It Is Not The Nature Of Space-Time That Changes. It Is The Nature Of The Observer That Changes. And When You Teach Yourself To See Outside Time, A Great Truth Is Unveiled – The Unity Of Now.

There Is Great Power In This Realization!

Our Concept Of Time Is Microscopic, And Limited. In Some Parts Of The Greater Universe, Time Can Flow Both Backward & Forward. In Other Parts Of The Greater Universe, Time Is Such That It Doesn’t Flow At All. It Appears Frozen From Our Perspective. But It Is Just As Much Part Of The Universal Matrix As Anything Else. What Is Strange Is Our Concept Of Time & How We Measure It & How We Anchor Ourselves To A Concept That Has Very Little To Do With The Universe & Has A Lot To Do With The Human Condition.

Karma Is Simply ‘Cause & Effect.’ If U Don’t Believe In That, U Are Missing The Most Important Lesson Of Earth School. Too Many People Think Karma Is Something That Happens Exclusively Across Multiple Lifetimes. Karma Can Happen Instantly. It Is Human Nature To Carry Out The Memory Of Generational Karma. Has Nothing To Do With The Nature Of Karma Itself.

One-Way Mirror Cube

It Is Your Free-Will To Choose Taking Control Of Your Own Karma Or Not. Perceive It To Be Real, And That Is Your Reality. Break Free.


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