Published August 3, 2014 by theimside

If We Look At A Campfire, Let’s Consider That The Wood Is The Past & The Air Is The Future. The Fire Itself Is In Between; And It Represents The NOW – It Is Likened To Consciousness. It Is Just There In Between. Like The Campfire, Consciousness Is A Flame That Permeates All Life. It Is Neither Here Nor There. It’s Just There, Sitting In Between Two States Inside Our Being. Consciousness & Soul Energy Is A Lot Like Fire In That A Small Flame Can Cause A Large Fire. As Powerful As Fire Is, There Are Also Lots Of Things That Can Snuff It Out If One Doesn’t Seek Proper Knowledge.

Important Distinction Before Delving Into The Topic Of Huemans. There Exists A Difference Between PreAdamic-Hueman & Adamic-Hueman; The Latter Of Which Has A Soul. HueMans Naturally Exist As Pre-Adamic, Or Neutral. They Either Stay Asleep In That State Or Awaken. The Process Of Awakening Means Choosing To Have A Soul. The Legend Of Adam (Atom) Is Not About The Creation Of HueMan. It Is About Creation Of Self/Soul Through Self-Actualrealization. Pre-Adamic & Adamic Have Nothing To Do With Time Or The Evolution Of Huemans. All Are Separate Functions Flowing By Free-Will.

Chakra System

It Doesn’t Matter Where The Center Of The Universe Is. It Matters Where Our Own Center Is In The Now. HueMan Evolution Is As Nothing To The Evolution Of The Universe.

If U Want A Delightful Metaphor As An Example: To Understand Seven Dimensions Of Space-Time, Observe Chakra System & Cross-Reference With Centering Consciousness, The Hero’s Journey, Earth History, And The Tarot. What’s Your Favorite Spot On That Journey?

The Good Think I’m Bad
The Bad Think I’m Good
Neither Is Correct For They Only Know How To Assume
I Won’t Make It To Full Bloom
There’s No Winning In The Middle
I Made U Mad & U Turned Me Into My Own Riddle
U Suffer As An Ego
Because U Haven’t Learned To Let Go
But I’m Now & Forever At Peace
No Longer In Pieces
Pieces That’s All U See
Because Pieces Are All U Gave To Me

First Awakening Is Soul
Second Awakening Is Hueman
Third Awakening Is Self As Hueman

Fourth Awakening Means Breaking The Fourth Wall Of Consciousness, Self As Soul


The Concept Of Life & Death Is A Linear Function. The Evolution Of The Greater Universe Is Not Linear. Hueman Life Exists Within A Very Small Sector Inside A Quadrant Of Space Where “Time Is Real.” Any Subsequent Choices And Reasonings Involved Here Are Nothing More Than A Lesson In Context To The Greater Universe. All Souls Are As Ever Flowing Equally. Atheism Has No Impact On Soul Energy. The Belief Itself Does Not Create Or Destroy One’s Soul Energy. Only Knowledge Of Soul Energy Has An Affect On Soul Energy.

This Process Of Swaying Soul Energy Is Called ‘Polarization.’ The Process Of Polarization Can Be Abused On 4th & 3rd Densities To Harvest Soul Energy And Manifest Service-To-Self (STO) Realities. Harvesting Is Any Transfer Of Energy That Breaks Free-Will. Soul Energy Flow “Tends” To Flow Upward Into Higher Dimensions – Just As Water Evaporates Toward The Sky. To “Fall” Means To Choose To Experience A Lower Density – But At Great Cost. Higher Dimensions Are In A More United State Of Flux Than Lower Dimensions. It Requires More Energy To Maintain “Individuality” At Higher Densities, Which Is Why 4th Density Is The Highest Dimension Where One Can Carry Out Service-To-Self Actions. Lower Dimensions Are In A More Separated State Of Flux. As Such, Significant Soul Energy (Consider It Group Or Family Soul Energy) Is Needed To “Fall” Into A Lower Density. For Example: Falling From 5th Density To 3rd Density Would Split The Group Soul That Chose To Experience 3D Earth. These Souls Fall Into Bodies Which Are ‘Ready’ And Voila! Pre-Adamic Huemans Become Adamic Huemans.

Remember, Pre-Adamic & Adamic Have Nothing To Do With Time Or The Evolution Of Huemans. All Are Separate Functions Flowing By Free-Will.

Adamic Huemans Can Be Born To Pre-Adamic Families. Adamic Families Can Raise Pre-Adamic Children. It Is Never The Role Of Hueman To Decide When & Where Soul Energy Is Flowing. It Is Never The Role Of Hueman To Judge Adamic State.

All Life Is Life.

Hueman Role Is Neutral.

Role Of Self Is Choice.

Both Are Equal.

Awareness & Knowledge Is The Key.

People Switch Between Adamic & Pre-Adamic All The Time.

Saving Others Is Not Required!

5th Density Energies Over-Ride 3rd & 4th Density Free-Will Abuses.

In Such A School, Who Decides who Is The Student And Who Is The Teacher?

Answer: We Do.

Remember, Being Vocal And Expressing Oneself Does Not Invalidate Anything. You Can Be In A Place Of Spiritual Bliss And Still Express Yourself To Those Who Cause Harm. It Appears As Anger To Others But That Is Their Interpretation. That Is What They Choose To See. It Is Only From A Place Of Understanding Yin & Yang Where One Can Maintain Zen And Still Interact With An Angry World. The World Will Ignore Your Zen, And Focus Only On Your Anger. They Will Try To Negate All The Work You’ve Done Leading Up To This Point By Labeling You. Don’t Let Labels Keep Your From Your Realizations, But Always Keep An Open Mind & Heart. You Can Choose To Sit In Silence. Or Speak Up.

Do Not Allow Others To Take Away Your Spiritual Progress.

See: Gaslighting

The Greatest Vice To Huemans Is Time. We Are Always Too Young, Too Old, Too Busy, Too Something. The Past And Future Are Vices. Unconditional Love Has To Do With NOW. That’s All It Is. Very Simple Idea, Very Complex To Practice Because In A Time Matrix, Huemans Require “Proof” Before Doing Something. But “Proof” Constitutes Breaking Free-Will Because They Are Believing In The Label Of The Thing, The Name & Description Rather Than The Spirit Of The Thing Itself. Proof Is Not Choice. Choice Is Not Proof.

The World Will Only Work As You Observe It To Work. No Generation Needs Fixing. We Are As We Are. We Have All The Answers To Our Problems If We Give Each Other The Freedom To Speak And Listen, Without Judgment.

Considering You Already Think I’m Going Off The Deep End, You Have Already Judged. If You Think That Is Your Role, That Is Your Choice. But That Is Not The Truth. It Is A Distraction From Your True Calling.

Call Them Brother, Sister
Child, Mother
Father, Lover
All With Sincerity
Family Is Who We Really Are
If We Recognize Our Equality
In The Age Of Adversity
Our Anger Will Sweep Away
Like A Bad Dream That Never Happened
Remember Be Here Now



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