The World Barely Deserves It

Published August 6, 2014 by theimside

Once upon a start
It was about the art
A younger me did it for you
An older me would continue
I was so willing to give you my song
Without question I brought you along
Behind my back and with my eyes closed
You stole pieces of me and never told
Proved to me the world barely deserves it
You just tossed me out like a piece of shit
Last minute escape and I hear your whispers
Come back to me I know the answers
But you have to prove yourselves
Before I give you any more of myself
Einstein made that mistake
Do you honestly earn what you take?
Into the ocean I boldly go
Where every man has gone before
Drown in the seas of fire and become a phoenix
Tempered now as the dust rises this is my new fix
I haven’t decided whether to turn it completely off
Tired of dealing with the scoff
That’s not really me
I will live my dream secretly
Fulfilling myself under the sea
Peace quite and serenity
Learning to love myself again and again
Until the end until
The End


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