Wisdom, Courage, and Power, Oh My!

Published August 14, 2014 by theimside
Realistic Pyramid of Power by megadecimal

Realistic Pyramid of Power. DeviantArt by megadecimal.


Where do I even begin?

How about a history lesson, as told in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I am where I am supposed to be. Yet, I still can’t help but feel like life is one huge pyramid scheme…

The worst part is, you, myself, our friends and family, their ancestors… we’ve all been fed the same monotonous bullshit that got us to where we are today. And there is no way to avoid the guilt because we’re all such an intimate part of the system.

It wasn’t until the Internet arrived when we realized how wrong we all are. I can not believe it is 2014 and we haven’t managed to create Heaven on Earth.

You know what jump-started my spirituality? The Japan Earthquake. You know what my main realization was?

How we assume that ancient civilizations are dumber than us… and yet, they learned so much about the world, other people, and outer space WITHOUT the technology we have today. They are the smart ones. Granted, they had more control over their knowledge. But they didn’t have a way to be aware of inequality.

We do. What’s our excuse? “Oh… because it’s the way it is.”

Power Structure of Oppression

Power Structure of Oppression

How can so many DIFFERENT societies’ legends and religions point to the same truths about existence? How can they all have so many cross references to the same events, themes, and truths?? How can they be wrong? Why do we choose superiority in the wake of our ignorance? Do we really think it is smart to sweep all their histories under the rug? Why not merge it with our own?

The greatest crime is the abandonment of spirit. So many students think science is education. And religion is just some bullshit that the Middle East has to learn to “get over.” And yet, we don’t actively USE science in the classroom. All that ancient knowledge and technology is reserved for viewing porn. All that technology is ignored in favor of teaching the same fucking shit over and over and over and over again unto each generation… WHEN WILL WE LEARN? What good is science or technology if we don’t ACTIVELY apply its usage in the classroom and in our lives?

We live in the future. And our awareness is what defines our relativity in space-time. Not a goddamn clock. Not the fucking calendar.

Google is a hive mind for fuck’s sake, and we think of it like some after-thought. Like it’s some toy. Great things can be done with the technology we have access to RIGHT NOW. What time do you think the people at Google live in? Probably the year 6014. Where do you think all these fancy tech gadgets come from? Scientific break-throughs? New ways of thought? They come from a normal human mind, like yours and mine. But the technology and ideas need investment, and investors come from the top-down. Who is at the top? People with money who equate it with Power. They see all. They decide which realities exist, which technology or ideas get invested, and they pass them down to the early adopters – whom also have money – and these ambassadors test the new reality within the masses. In a very REAL sense, the people at the top live in the future.

You and I, we live in their echo.

REALIZE: The future is here and world peace is possible now. These psychos that run the planet need to get the fuck out. We need to open our third eye and realize we have the power inside us. God, it pisses me off how such ignorance has been allowed to be passed down through the generations.

Modern people are so ignorant about how life works… Their stupid privileged opinions… They think fast food workers CHOOSE to work for minimum wage. They think homeless should die. They think black people are dumb.

Don’t believe me? This is all the bullshit I had to listen to from my racist, white privileged co-workers from my last social media job… People acting with privilege when they are looking down at everyone else from the top.

OH BUT I’M THE HOMELESS SCUM THAT NEEDS HELP. I swear to God… I’ve seen where this planet is going and we don’t have much time left… If we don’t find a way to stop ageism, racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia… we’re doomed. So many people think unconditional love is not the role of the human… But it is. And they mistake ME for saying that everyone should love everyone else. THAT IS NOT MY POINT. People who argue with me flat out don’t love themselves.

Love Thy Self, Unconditionally.

Love Thy Self, Unconditionally.

How do people get my message twisted? It’s simple. Love thy self. Unconditionally. How do they not realize that hating someone else is ONLY hating an aspect of self? And to solve hate, all we gotta do is LOVE THY SELF. Unconditionally.

It’s not easy. And a lot of the damage we see going on today is permanent for some people. But it doesn’t have to be for me. Or for you.

I can talk all day about how I love myself – even despite my depression – but the moment I’m smiling, some other self-hating motherfucker will tell me to get a job and list all the reasons why I’m not worthy. THIS is what’s wrong with society.

It is impossible to be self-loving when surrounded by so much self-hate. And it is the SOURCE of my depression. No one listens… because they find some excuse to think I’m just ranting, or that I’m uneducated, or don’t have a point.

When I try to have intelligent conversation or debate with these so-called “college students” or “college grads” they tell me, and I quote:

“I would appreciate it if you would respect my authority because I went to this highly respected educational institution.”

My only response is: “No, bitch, you need to respect your own institution and REPRESENT. Authority is self-evident.”

And then the conversation is over in the name of … let’s hear it again “I’m offended… so we can’t talk about this right now.”

Ego. I’m so sick of it. When did we fear being wrong?

Link, the Fool

Link, the Fool

There is a place for everyone’s opinions. But when we consider which opinions to put into practice… That’s a whole other game that has serious repercussions. And the people who cause the most harm usually just don’t give a shit.

Twice, I’ve been to Heaven. Makes me sound stupid (which should make people wonder why I would even say something like that to begin with… because my life goal is to appear like a psycho…) And let me tell you. It’s not an all-empowering experience. You don’t just go to Heaven and come back feeling like you can rule the world. No. It’s very humbling. You realize how CONNECTED everything is, how foolish our human dramas are. And how special our time is here.

Trying to convey it into words… Trying to tell ANYONE about it… Makes me look insane.

Realizing there are two planets occupying the same space – a Light Earth and Dark Earth… and being here in the middle… I just don’t know how else to explain it to people.

Two Worlds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Two Worlds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Process of attraction allows either reality to occur. Humans are programmed to think in terms of duality (yes/no, good/evil, white/black) to polarize themselves into either reality. Polarizing is the process of feeding into the machine we call “Here & Now.”

The whole God vs Devil war is a lie.

It doesn’t make either reality more real than the other… Because either-or is the illusion. The whole IS reality. And beyond… Far, far beyond. There is no such thing as limits in the greater Universe.

It is in the WHOLE where we can truly find ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally.

"I will soothe your wounds and comfort your weariness. Close your eyes and relax...

“I will soothe your wounds and comfort your weariness. Close your eyes and relax…

It’s a secret to everybody
But it’s dangerous to go alone
Take this Wisdom, Hero
Have the Courage to realize
You already have the Power within you

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

The adventure has just begun… Goodnight Fellow Hyruleans!


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