Ferguson Explains It All

Published August 24, 2014 by theimside

Think Mike Brown deserved it? Think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is pointless? The human race is in a deep apathetic slumber. Wake up and join galactic society. Or wither away in your ambivalence. Your choice.

Here’s an analogy about the Infinity of Truth, or truth as a volume of infinity – which makes up multiple realities.

Compare the infinite amount of values between 0 and 1. This represents truth. And truth is all encompassing. Infinitely so, as it permeates the existence of reality between 0 and 1.

But then let us consider the infinite amount of points between 0 and 2. Or 0 and 100. This represents a Greater Truth doesn’t it, and all realities therein. It’s still infinite, and yet the infinity within 0 and 100 is greater than the infinity within 0 and 1.

Let’s consider:

The Universe represents the density of infinity itself: ∞

The Galaxy represents the density of infinity between 0 and 1-million.

The Solar System represents the density of infinity between 0 and 1,000.

The Earth represents the density of infinity between 0 and 100.

The Human Race represents the density of infinity between 0 and 10.

And The Individual represents the density of infinity between 0 and 1.

We have these sets of infinitesimal truths within each density. And then we have infinity itself – which is universal spirit.

Surely, Ice Bucket Challenge is a distraction from Ferguson. And Ferguson is a distraction from Gaza. The media is controlled, our awareness is controlled, our consciousness is controlled – unless you see it for what it is. Multiple realities.

The ice bucket challenge isn’t about saving the world. And it IS helping a lot of people. Awareness is valuable.

$42-million in donations via Ice Bucket Challenge vs $2.1-million in donations made last year!

The reason people complain about it is because they don’t feel like they can change the world with one video, or one donation, or one thought. They believe more in the separation than the unity. So they take on that basic apathetic attitude. They project that onto the people actually making a difference. It’s not cute, or witty.

Stem cells are the key to eliminating every known disease on the planet. Each person carries their own unique set of somatic stem cells, this is what enables us to regenerate. Some people are misinformed about the variety of ways stem cells can be obtained, and when they hear “stem cell” uttered, they automatically think “abortion.”

It is controversial, because harvesting embryonic stem cells requires taking away life during the blastocyst stage of development. Meaning new life is being taken away in order to serve life already living. Adult stem cell research does not require such a sacrifice, but is infinitely more restrictive in its plasticity.

The ALS Association has said that it’s research primarily involves adult stem cell, and conservatives are afraid that embryos are going to be destroyed if embryonic stem cell research goes forward.

Meanwhile, the officer that shot Mike Brown is richer from anonymous donations on GoFundMe.

Back on topic.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Ferguson, Gaza (war and oppression in general) is not about race or gender or disease or even class. This is about worldwide/universal control from the very top all the way down – an attack on collective human consciousness AS A WHOLE. This is about the mind. Mind has no color, gender, etc. The mind is just the mind. Spirit is just spirit. It looks like it is about race… but this is about the war on human consciousness.

World events reveal both our Light & Shadow.

Our Shadow is being revealed in the following ways:

Robin Williams’ death is revealing our frowns. Our ill minds, multiple personalities, and false perceptions. (See: Sacred Geometry of Personality & Shadow People of an Infinite Universe)
Ice Bucket Challenge is revealing people with cold hearts and whom lack unconditional self-love. (See: What It Means To Smile)
Ferguson is revealing people who still hold on to racist ideologies. (See: If Adam and Eve were white and evolution doesn’t exist….)
Gaza is revealing people who are blind to history, unknowing of time loops. (See: U Were Billions Of Years Old Before U Were Born)
ISIS is revealing our addiction to fear, and our inability to communicate with ourselves and each other. (See: Learning to Use Your Third Eye)

But then there’s the flip-side! The Light is also being revealed:

Robin Williams embodies our smiles – the power of our emotions. (See: Wisdom, Courage, and Power, Oh My!)
Ice Bucket Challenge embodies the power of networks and awareness. (See: Money = $peech)
Ferguson embodies our empathic and psychic abilities. (See: Hurricane Sandy Hook)
Gaza embodies our history and realizing things are not as they appear to be. (See: A Link to the Past)
ISIS embodies our ability to fight fear with new hope. (See: Human Intelligence Singularity)

How can we not see how it is all connected?

The elite wants this. They are aware of the singularity – a wicked spell cast on us very long ago. The singularity which gave birth to the material Universe and separation as we see it. But there is so much more to it:

Race, gender, class… all that is a metaphorical distraction away from what it is ALL really about. The same forces attacking Gaza are the same forces distracting us with Ferguson. A very deep problem rooted in our continued oppression and separation from achieving collective human consciousness as a planet. The rabbit hole of deception goes VERY deep.

I’m not saying race doesn’t exist. I’m saying Race is referenced for people who either seek to control, or submit to being controlled. We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spirits having a human experience. Transcend the illusion altogether, because the Vatican has us under a spell. They want to keep you – your mind, body, and soul – trapped on the third dimension. The elite wants to trap your conversations, talking about physical things you see and relating ONLY THAT to cause and effect – rather than feeling the truth out with your Third Eye. This enables them to control WHAT you see by controlling your perceptions through oppression, denying the unity of our spirits. Again, that is not to say race isn’t real. But it IS an illusion. Our DNA is so similar that we might as well not use the terms to continue the separation. The entire physical plane is an illusion.

Some people have accused me of saying “race isn’t real.” Never said it wasn’t. It just depends which is more real to you. One human race. Or the races within it.

A predator knows how the mind and body of it’s prey works, successful predators know their prey better than prey knows itself. And 99% of the world is prey for the 1%. Go ahead, think I’m stupid for revealing my beliefs. By doing so, you’re choosing to dismiss me.

A zebra doesn’t win by thinking like a zebra. It wins by thinking like a cheetah. Likewise for the cheetah – it must think like a zebra.

Im showing you how your oppressors think and act, and how they want you to think and act. Some people are telling me I’m wrong because they assume I’m stupid – that I’m unaware of history as it’s been taught.

There’s history. Then there is history as it has been taught by the victors of war. I’m not telling you that you are wrong. I’m giving you ADDITIONAL information to add to the puzzle. It isn’t meant to take anything away. Don’t get it twisted. I’m sharing my heart and soul here. Don’t sweep it under the rug like it’s some textbook rhetoric. How ironic would that be?



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