A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Published September 5, 2014 by theimside

The Universe is not linear and has evolved way beyond duality. The human mind is stuck in duality, and so we have a very difficult time thinking and speaking outside the paradigm of opposites, like good vs evil.

To use Star Wars as a reference: People always think that Anakin became Darth Vader. And that Anakin resides within Darth Vader. But this is linear thinking within the state of duality.

Darth Vader is also inside Anakin. Anakin did not have to become Darth Vader and Darth Vader did not have to become Anakin.

While Anakin was susceptible to these ancient archetypes, he did not decide to become Darth Vader by his own choosing. Darth Vader emerged as a result of corruption within the Galactic Republic – a system that came about as a result of duality to begin with. Law of attraction created a special set of circumstances that helped lead Anakin’s role in the Universe. As a consequence, Anakin neglected to create his own destiny, and fate became his reality.

Anakin’s susceptibility met an opportunity to join the dark side; Anakin and Darth Vader meet half-way. It’s not as if Anakin felt he was doing anything evil. He was blinded by his narrow perception caused by his addiction to fear, anger, hate, and suffering. This made him blind in many ways. He became trapped within duality.

The susceptibility to do great good or great evil resides in us all. Our ego’s relativity suggests we are always doing what is best. The secret is not to polarize oneself within duality. To accept one energy means to accept the other, by default. There are many ancient archetypes that people become agents to, and each of them has an opposite. The secret is to create a brand new archetype within our spirit – a brand new energy that has never been seen before. Everyone is capable of creating a unique energy signature that transcends duality. This can change the destiny of the entire Universe.


Sacred Geometry of Personality


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