History of Qui Tam

Published August 20, 2015 by theimside

Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss the history of Qui Tam (also known as False Claims or Whistleblower Lawsuits) and how courageous corporate insiders have come forward to expose the rampant corruption of major corporations, and how that corruption is helping to undermine our democracy.

“What they do with the whistle blower is they assign what they call a babysitter. Now the babysitter is somebody who is a corporate toadie. That corporate toadie will do whatever they’re ordered to do. They’re a gutless, spineless, lap dog. So they will take the spineless lap dog and attach it to the whistle blower and they’ll befriend the whistle blower. The lap dog – the babysitter – will make it look like I’m your pal and everyday what they’re doing is reporting on where the whistle blower went. He had drinks here, met a woman here, whatever it is, they try to discredit the whistle blower at every turn. They have professional organizations that come in and do that.”


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