It’s Not A Program; It’s A Secret Open-Code

Published August 25, 2015 by theimside

In order to hack the matrix with your own code, we must learn the programming language.

I wrote this open-code, today. It’s purpose is to encode and decode messages; but a message is hidden within the code itself.
The best code is short and simple; secret yet easily taught.
There are multiple ways you can use this legend to encode a message. But the code itself contains a secret message & the reward is being able to use it for yourself anywhere, anytime.

If you can decode the three secret messages below, you will know how to use the open code and read the secret message hidden within the code.

R Oiev Lbh

015 016 038 0 049 110 0 311 410 029 0 111 049 045 413



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