Always Count What Came Before

Published September 20, 2015 by theimside

Hearts don’t break.
Minds do if that’s how you think. Who invented the real?
Body is shadow’s recognition within light-space.
Time is displaced with a measurable misunderstanding unsolved by clocks.
Life finds a way into all states, all minds, all matters of space.
Ascending, evolving, and intersecting multiple dimensions.
Bend your heart and love with the tides of time.
The formula is to take another’s moment we like.
Difference is all you can make if subtraction is all you try.
Always thirsty for this Geometry-Philosophy.
Right isn’t the opposite, when wrong is always divided by an echo.
Left is what’s parallel when the solution is inclusive.
Truth is the unparalleled realm of form, hidden by the event horizon.
Hate is a mirror, an elusive black-hole, don’t wear it like a shadow.
Love your visage and know you can bend your light.
Space and time follow in your stead.
Beyond one’s own view is Omega refraction.
Space-time relativity builds your spiral expansion.
Alternate 3D realities appear as triple wave forms.
One crossing at ninety-degrees, animals fight or flight.
Two adjacent parallels are seen again in plane sight.
Three of these is realizing your third.
Zero makes Four, always count what came before.
Blindly shattered by no stretch of the imagination.
Logic swoops in, we’re quantum by levitation.
Consciousness finds itself stuck in stasis.
Suspend the breath of life for a moment, taste the sound of creation.
Paradise is forgiveness by syndication.


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