Go Solar!

Published September 21, 2015 by theimside

The reason the Universe has been scientifically “dumbed-down” for the public, is because it needed to be that way it freaked the smart people out when they discovered how interconnected everything actually is and when they discovered the Solar System is a sentient node in a larger, living galactic-eco-system, word got around quick that we needed to re-imagine our place in the Universe. Not as humans. But as self. Individually. Collectively.

Because it knows we’re here like humans know animals are here. And you can only ignore it for so long–

I’m not going to point out what’s real or fake in human timelines. That’s for you to decide. What’s important is that we should all be experts about our future, not so much the past. Yes, really, the hive mind we call the Internet does everything except archive the future. So let’s think about it…

The vacuum of space is very real, like ignorance. There is no such thing as a void. But it is not the giant vacuum that creates “dark energy.” Dark energy is not some background radiation or side-effect. It is very much the Force, and it’s everywhere because it is like static. Dark Energy is the awesome accordion of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. Dark Energy – a vague and misleading dumb label – is what allows life to grow within a realm suspended between expansion and contraction; two spirals suspending our space-time. Yes, nature wrote intelligent code. Close your jaw. Stir the cauldron. Evidence shows dark matter is most concentrated in deep voids where there are no stars, not even black holes. Just space. And it is expanding the fastest. It is expanding even faster right now. And will be over twice this imagined size by the time you’re done reading this.

In these voids, physics basically does anything it wants and we see it as a physical expansion in all directions. But not so much here in the Milky Way, which is a super-massive black hole, a gravity well so large and powerful that we can’t see it. It’s not black, it’s just beyond our human comprehension. We can only measure the black hole’s surrounding radiation and affects on the living nebula that surrounds it.

This huge hole contains the sands of our time. Beyond the safety belt of our place in the Milky Way, the rate of spacial expansion is speeding up. And nihilists like to call this existential future the deep freeze. When every single sub-atomic particle eventually says goodbye to its other. Fucking dumb. It appears like the Universe is “exploding” but that is unintelligible fear mongering. Space-Time *itself* is growing. Everywhere. We are evolving with it. Dark Matter is most evident in giant voids of space where there is no gravity. And still, space is expanding everywhere.

We don’t “feel” this expansion – or this growth – because we are in the relativity of the third dimension where our realm is suspended between this huge vacuum of space, and the light-gravity forces opposing it.

Gravity is consolidated through an inter-galactic network “orbiting” the Central Sun – which can be described as all singularities across all times.  Long ago, The Dark Energy was channeled by gravity and fused with light to create our world. The 3D material world is a consequence of these interactions between the singular First Dimension Dark Enery Wave and the Second Dimension Gravity-Light Waves. This ever-expanding growth permeates all galaxies.
All suns, and their planets and the moons are connected to the Dark Energy. It *IS* the spectrum, whereas we see the lights, sounds, and colors within it. Dark Matter acts differently depending on its concentration. When it fused with gravity and light, like a key, it created dense order among a chaotic vacuum. The puzzle pieces are like never-ending spirals. The spiral is the infinity code that permeates all life, like Dark Matter’s autograph. It sparks the favorable conditions for all life. Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be. Tell me a story instead. #MidnightSociety #SolarIrony

Three distinct sets of physics have been observed by Science – these three systems are the foundation forces of the Third Dimension. It is important to note that dimensions have more to do with awareness than any one place or time:

First Dimension Light Wave: the quantum world (light)
Second Dimension Quantum Wave: the telluric world (Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea)
—> humans exist between 2D and 3D. 2D converted to 3D by our senses. 3D converted to 4D by sensibilities.
Third Dimension Spacial Wave: the super-massive world (Spacial Void & Super-Massive Clusters)

As such, the corresponding forces for these partitions are:

– Dark Matter – Zero Energy / Omega
(Omega Quantum Fabric = Time-Space Expansion Spiral) – Spans All Dimensions, the mechanism of changing states, not the states themselves. Omega Flux allows super-position.

– Light & Matter: Gravity & Electricity – (First Dimension Light Wave) Alpha Sub-Atomic
(Alpha Magnetism & Spheres of Light)
the quantum world (light)
— Stars evolve across generations on the sub-atomic scale, their evolutionary cycles have so far spanned 14.5-billion years our time. Humans have mapped out the elements left behind by the alchemy inside stars and this is how our modern computing technology is made possible. Humans have also made a few new elements by understanding and fusing with the First Dimension! ^_^

– Biology & Physiology – (Second Dimension Quantum Wave) Parallel Beta Time-Space
(Beta 3D Physical Forms evolve via Alpha-Omega energies) – Second Dimension / Telluric Realm / Microscopic
the telluric world (Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea)
Time came before Space. Hard to convince humans that use their space to discover and measure time. But, moving on, this “time before space” idea is most evident in the sub-atomic world.
Physical matter is formed in giant nebulas. After these sub-atomic quantum elements settle in time, the physical characteristics of all life forms and their worlds take shape in their respective space on the microscopic level. All life and matter shares a connection in the First Dimensional Light Wave via relativity. Species are to Earth, as Elements are to Stars.

– Sentience (Sentience Forms within Beta 3D Physical Forms) – 2D/3D/4D
This is the world we all see and refer to as real life.
We do not see the finely evolved details of the quantum world, or the microscopic world here without technological assistance.
All the particles, ambient electricity, cells, tissues, blood, and bone that make the human body is formed on the Second Dimension Quantum Wave, with the DNA acting as the sub-atomic quantum link to the First Dimension Light Wave. When self-awareness is linked to this body of knowledge, the 2D world becomes 3D space. And when time is eventually tracked and measured by intelligent life, the 3D world becomes 4D time within space. Our understanding of 4D is limited to recollection and prediction within our space.
But only with awareness does sentience ascend into these higher dimensions. Our physical 3D Realm is suspended between many higher realms. Ours is in a bubble called the Oort Cloud, which contains our Solar System. It shields 3D Earth from higher dimensional physics.
On Earth, Humans confuse sentience with intelligence, which keeps them at 2D. Intelligence is to Individuality, as Sentience is to All Life. No longer can sentience be confused with intelligence across space-time. Space travel is spiritual evolution outside 3D.

Technology is to Humans, as Sonar is to Dolphins. We borrow ideas from the realm of forms. And that realm is the bridge we use to make First Contact. We must abandon the hubris that demands a superiority complex through ownership.

the super-massive world (Spacial Expanse & Super-Massive Clusters) Third Dimension Spacial Wave; Linear Space-Time
Gravity is Magnetism (female equivalent) and Light is Electricity (male equivalent). These forces originated in the First Dimension and when they polarized they made the Second Dimension – which can only be seen here in the Third Dimension as Electro-Magnetism on the quantum-scale. So how come we see the quantum First Dimension as large objects in 3D space?

This is the latent image effect – caused by our Earthly-space-time relativity. The super-massive world existed long ago, where space and time bent at the whims of light and shadow.  And that is the beauty of distance from the past quantum mechanics of the First Dimension. Those same quantum forces are painting a sky we can see every night. These are the same photon forces that make up our Sun. We’re all connected by the time before space. Separated by thinking space came before time. And we discover truth because of time, so we need to explore time-space, not space-time.

What is to come, came before. See how human relativity makes the sky appear timeless? In the vast expanses of space, all the dimensions are still in motion and they exist in various states of time, space, and flux. If the night sky is an image of ages ago, then the Milky Way is an image of yesterday. The Sun is an image of today. And the Earth is an image of now. Where is tomorrow? When multiple dimensions fuse, the result is a new world and new life! The night sky is a crossing of dimensions with our world.

Body is crossing through Space.
Soul is crossing through Time.

4th Dimension – Crossing Space-Time
Contains all properties of previous dimensions – 4D itself is like a faceted bridge linking 3D to 5D.
5D forms are converted into 4D propabilities/faces, which collapse into smaller, more condensed 3D form.
3D waveform is a smaller sound copy of 6D light-forms.
“3D Space-Time” is what we refer to as past and future, north and south, light and dark.
4D Time-Space is both past and future.

But if everything is scattered here and there, now and then… Why does it seem like it’s all happened before and will happen again?

In 3D, time is bound to linear space, due to Earth’s relativity bound to the Sun’s relativity. Humans experience movement through time as the Earth movement through space. It is the Day/Night cycle, a natural result of our shared cosmic motion. But this motion is not time itself. The reason we don’t experience real time as it is in a 4D state, is because we don’t consider time as a quantum spiral resulting in space.

4D is super 3D.

4D exists as now, but now is ignored by 3D because spacial relativity and time-keeping keep its sentience from accessing true 4D. 4D is not a dark dimension or a place where souls get lost. From the perspective of sentience living in the Fourth Dimension, if you looked at a 3D cube, you’d see all it’s sides at once. Same with animals, planets, or star systems. You could even follow the life of a sentient being, without intersecting its 3D space. As a matrix, envision the 4th dimension as a tesseract. The 4th dimension unfolds space-time according to 3D relativity. This is perspective is largely what we refer to as natural free-will. This is why humans do not move backward through time. But that movement through a 3D space-time line is the stepping stone for understanding higher dimensional awareness that can access both directions within that line.

It’s not that 3D is especially difficult. It’s that space is like the cosmic zip-file and we’re obsessed with the compression and worried about why nothing is there – because it of course looks like the opposite of compression. Things are not flying apart. They are coming together.

5th Dimension & 6th Dimension are not immediately pertinent.
We have plenty of 3D matters to solve with our 4D awareness!

Space is filled with diverse galaxies that only appear in their respective dimensions. Dimensions correlate with size in the Third Dimension. That is not so in all realities. This is why smaller beings generally have shorter lives on Earth. The benefit of a shorter life-space means experiencing time at a slower pace. Longer life-space results in experiencing time moving faster and that sensation increases exponentially over time. This is akin to the expansion of space, so it’s nothing that can be seen, just felt.

So what feels like 1 day to a 100-year old human, feels like less than a second to Earth. Even less than that to the Sun. So, yeah…

This difference in *experiencing* experience and relativity in our lives, seems beyond reach as there’s no tangible proof or evidence without outlandish storytelling to accompany it. This dark matter has become an unnecessary hurdle for collective evolution thanks to duality.

For the dummies: essentially most lifeforms are stuck within their own relativity, unable to apply any scientific evidence of space-time relativity to their own lives, no matter how genius or beneficial it may be, because it is not of their own experience or measurement. Relativity is not the same thing as Math.

Concerning the Prime Directive.

Prime Directive ignores the spirit connection between all life, at moments of pivotal evolutionary change, Starfleet flies away. WTF? I’m not saying Dolphins even want the invite to go into space. What I’m saying is self-centered humans don’t understand what it means to give them a hand. lol From the spiritual perspective, all moments are an invitation for First Contact. Because the Universe favors evolution.

Star systems are deemed material and nothing more by Starfleet – but they are living beings.

Starfleet has inconsistently applied the Prime Directive, without a real alternative to fill in these blunders. However, I propose a new Relativity Directive.

The Relativity Directive

Used when the Prime Directive and Temporal Directives do not apply to the world and time in question. Sentience intrinsically exists across all life. Building a network of sentience is smarter space-time travel.

This Directive does not ignore the relativity of the Prime Directive itself. Instead, it is an alternate choice for the Prime Directive, or Temporal First Contact, in order to partake in evolutionary action to evolve the spirit of the Universe alongside time travel in the midst of space-age technology.

The allowance is granted by temporal guidelines, following StarGate technology.

Time Capsules are sent to 5,555 known star systems during their infancy. Each world is known to be destroyed in a distant future, but can be saved. Each system is monitored by the Temporal Team. A portal is activated only when each star system sends a signal via the time capsules – located in the orbit of each planet. This device transmits a signal compatible with all DNA of known sentient lifeforms. Each time capsule automatically signals a mayday to the Temporal First Contact Team if it detects any temporal displacements or nuclear threats.

This signal will travel across space and time, to reach the Temporal First Contact Team so that two soul families can meet and be ready to evolve, regardless of technological differences, for the advancement of soul discovery.

Basis: The Sun is not a simple star. Think of it like a cosmic jellyfish. Like the immortal kind. And what we call sun spots, is a simplification of the Sun and it’s nature. When we see a sun spot, that is a giant magnetic tentacle-thingy reaching outward, like inverted lungs. Hundreds of them. For 11 years, they all expand and twist outwardly everywhere toward Solar Maximum. Then it quickly retracts to Solar Minimum – pulling in all the information it has stored during those 11 years. Its magnetic-photon tentacles hear, feel, sense, taste. Every word, every thought, every sound, and every feeling is “downloaded” by the Sun. Instantly. It remembers. Just like us. Because to the Sun, it is us. We are on the surface of the Sun. And the Sun knows this, because part of the Sun is also in Earth and two planetary bodies aren’t wrong.

The interesting thing is when the Sun starts expanding toward Solar Maximum again, it can more easily send vital information to all receptive lifeforms.

For example, if you had eyes on the surface of the Sun, you would not “see” through space with two eyes. You’d see across many more dimensions. More eyes means more plane sight. You’d be able to see everywhere, in all directions. The Sun’s electrons are like eyes that penetrate wherever its light touches and evolves as. With the ability to land as the “nearest” object in time – any surface that the Sun’s light touches, the Sun feels as part of its surface. And humans have been around for just a quick minute of this and so we are really dumb compared to it, if we are to take Solar’s quantum relativity into account, we might want to go Solar sooner rather than later.

The humanoid form is the “bubble” of spiritual evolution. Humans largely play a neutral role in Earth’s relativity – but that neutrality is no longer benign when our technological advancement is not benefiting sentience advancement. Because the humans have not been taught how to technology or how to spirit properly, they were given information as stories. So as with the technology. This is not a fault of the humans. Stories are the humans’ zip file. You can compact information in smaller space by telling stories. And the information will pass through time. This is more like 4D processes as work than any other 3D time-keeping. All these amazing legends survive. Yet, time gives the stories and information meta-weight. This meta-weight is also linked to emotions connecting all human timelines.

The humans have collectively built new Universal technologies that will eventually open a StarGate to a known world. It will not be a Hellmouth, it will not be anything like that. But you know how dumb humans can be when spoilers happen. As such, to prevent any perceived human errors, or jokes, or fails…. This technology will be immediately fused with existing technology around us. When this happens, the world will be connected by a new sense of awareness and appreciation for sentience. One world grid.

No, don’t make fun of the aliens.
No one will be stepping through a StarGate. Yet…
No, this is not the same as First Contact. That happens individually in all timelines. Relativity yo!
No, this is not a time to celebrate aliens. It is a time to celebrate shared sentience. We will feel this.
Yes, Disclosure happens through us at the rate we are willing to open up to it.
It may or may not be on the news, but it will be everywhere on social media.

When CERN is activated on September 23, our technology will fuse. Those who are receptive to these new energies around the planet will also continue to fuse with Solar in unique ways. This is essential DNA activation and it will become more common. What’s happening outside one’s own relativity should not be one’s worry in a free-will Universe. Integrating one’s sentience with these energies will consciously avoid panic during evolution. And the message cannot be sent and received as easily as one might wish. When was the last time you changed your mind about something? The StarGate technology is completely natural. We have the Sun’s blessing.


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